Picking these two up today, rare to see two good strains in an entire ounce.

  1. Damn, that’s a great deal! You should head up to Amplify in Cleveland on a Wednesday sometime. Every Wednesday is a Buckeye Relief Day and your indigent/vet discount will stack!

  2. No that’s a great deal! Imo I’m getting great quality on the streets but it’s 220 an ounce but truthfully it’s more flavorful then what I got on the medical market.

  3. Yeah but not everyone has those discounts mate. 200 for any O is robbery. There is no way anyone can honestly say Ohio has “good prices” in their MMJ program. That’s a blatant lie!

  4. Shit man I wish I was buying ozs to last me awhile lol. Granted I suppose I could quit and save up for one but idk about all that hahaha

  5. I just grabbed (2) half oz's of their Super Sour Orange in Newark at 20% off ($240 total after tax). The nugs were huge! Very happy with Buckeye Relief currently. Can't go wrong with 92 Cookies Lemon Do Si Dos either. Enjoy!

  6. 30 year old genetics. No real smoker is impressed with there genetics or basic ass terps. Ohio is the only place where old ass fake cookies crosses get off. This would all be 100 a ounce in Detroit

  7. Big lol. I just quit Verano and just because it has a pretty package and a bunch of information doesn’t make it “good weed.” It makes it “legal weed.”

  8. Ohio grows commercial weed buddy. Cali and Michigan grow true exotics. Ohio uses trim machines wich turn great weed into just ok. If you're not taking the time to hand trim you're probably growing crap weed like in ohio

  9. This ain't good weed that's the point. It takes the same amount of time and energy to spend on real genetics. But they don't want to pay 500 -1000 for some real beans. Customers are the ones getting played when the product is crap compared to a state over(michigan)

  10. Working with what we have. Stop bitching about shit that is out of our control. Consumers that do not want to illegally import marijuana into Ohio from other states for whatever reasons, federal charges, felonies.. what a risk. Could always buy from Bob on the street, but who knows what I'm actually getting? Sure he said it's super silver haze, and it's amazing but street bud doesn't come with a lab report.

  11. Can I ask what job you have that you can pick up two ounces of flower for $400+? I’m in the job hunt and I’d LOVE to be able to brag about this.

  12. I picked up a half of the 92 cookies. First time having it and it seemed a little dry to me in comparison to the NYC Flo I got as well. Did you have a similar experience with this batch?

  13. These Look really great - Next time u have a full tank of gas on a Friday drive to OK - u can pick up similar high quality for $100/oz😎 BUT That price is not advertised - got to go to an owner / operator dispensary wherein the owner can set his own sell price

  14. Buddy they sell some of the shittiest weed ever that why there prices are low. My aunt went and brought back some nasty tasting shit that looked super shitty. But she loved it because it coast 80 a ounce. Michigan is now on the level of cali and Colorado. Most cali companies are moving to Detroit because of the cali taxes

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