Recreational legalization group fucks up again. No vote this year.

  1. They didn't fuck up, they had over 80k signatures disallowed and a legislature which was determined to keep it off the midterm ballot.

  2. They instantly discounted those signatures too. They didn't have anywhere near enough time to even read all the signatures let alone verify if they were eligible or not. IIRC the articles I read said that it was within minutes of receiving the signatures that they made their ruling. Its just another stall tactic.

  3. They fucked up. They didn't have enough verified signatures, then they missed the deadline to re-submit, then they let the GOP leaders push them around and delay the vote possibility a year.

  4. They didn’t fuck up, the corrupt local Republicans decided they don’t give a fuck about the will of the people and decided they’d prefer to continue to line their pockets. Goddamn this state is a shithole.

  5. They chose to keep the first round of signatures and get it on 2023. Or the other choice was they scrap all the signatures and start back at 0 and have wasted over $1million.

  6. Yeah, this was not a fuck up as much as it was them being backed into a corner. It's bad when the party controlling the election aparatus and legislature (super marjority) have come out publicly saying they will do literally anything to stop you. They've probably spent millions and millions to get to this point knowing this was a possibility.

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