1. I totally agree with both of those statements, no offense taken. But there’s nothing for me to go off of besides how full it is. It’s not like the flower that I can throw on my Digi. With Limited knowledge of how it’s even made, I don’t know how else to look at it. You could be absolutely right, that they all way out, That’s why I asked if I was overreacted.

  2. The 0.5g carts will look pretty full, while the 0.84g carts will look about half full. The reason is that the cart used is meant to hold at least a full gram. If it’s a CCELL cart, then it’s meant to hold 1.25 grams. In addition to that, the wick and ceramic coil at the bottom are thirsty and will absorb at least 0.15g. According to Klutch, a 0.84g cart will look 55% full.

  3. With oil, it isn't so much about weight, its about milligrams of thc. Pharmacy Board allows "UP TO" 590mg thc in a one day supply. Certified carts are generally about 350mg thc (and weigh .5g). While I understand you want to be sure it weighs, so you get the proper amount of medication, I would pay more attention to thc mg, and buy your maximum daily allowance of @590mg thc (.84 or 1 gram). There is really no way to weigh it out still, but if you were ever actually "shorted", it wouldn't be as big of a deal. When you start with half a dose, being "shorted" is much more apparent. Just my two cents. I hate .5 gram vapes.

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