Terps in Klutch carts

  1. Klutch def on top of there extraction game rn but on the grow Ohio going down hill wasn't a big fan of there luster's thought they went quick but the LR PODS from them are way different I still have a SLH LR that I got a week ago I am on my 2nd klutch LR both I got a few days ago. Idk maybe it's just me I'm a klutch purest lol but it's only the LR I think this. I got sundae driver co2 cart it hits better than most carts available.

  2. Take your total terpene content, divide by total THC content, then move the decimal over 2 places for the % of terpenes. If it’s over 4-5% it’s likely gonna give you terp burn which is why your lungs feel compressed/collapsed.

  3. Terp burn?? This is a thing? That would explain why Klutch LR hits me like a truck! I didn’t think high terpene content would cause that.

  4. Also I keep my uni pro on 2.7 and sundae driver is def getting it done and then some klutchs carts/pods just hit like no other I think not saying there isn't anything better out there I'm just speaking as to what is available to us.

  5. Lemon Smushee is known for high myrcene really in any product form. Great medicine. Take smaller hits and finish your hit off with some fresh air.

  6. Klutch’s full spectrum carts are better than most brands live resin vapes. Very very high myrcene is normal for Lem slush, I’ve seen a few batches with 50+mg.

  7. I just bought 1 live resin blue berry vin and à layer cake co2 pod because they was 30% off and I've been on klutch pods for 6 months I can say grow ohio gone down hill inmo klutch is go to

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