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  1. You're better off getting a battery for carts with adjustable voltage like the yocan uni pro. I set the klutch 510s to around 2.2-2.4v and they taste amazing without making me cough at all. Otherwise with luster pods you'll need to take pretty small sips because they cannot be adjusted.

  2. I would have to agree with this. I always cough with anything, but low voltage on 510, or very short 2-3 second SIPS (not hard full-on rips) and I have the least amount of irritation.

  3. Yes Deerzntz is right , I have a bit of emphysema and I just take a small hit off a pod maybe 3-4 seconds , works for me no coughing or breathing priblems

  4. Almost all dispos have batteries for like $10-15. The volume of product inhaled on a luster is a lot more than a 510 so just go light, but I almost never cough unless I do a full 8 second rip.

  5. You can purchase a Luster battery with a Butterfly Effect Luster Pod Kit or you can purchase a battery by itself. I've seen the Luster battery for $25 before sales. I usually only hit my Luster for 4-5 seconds, and do not cough, get a better flavor and effects, and it lasts longer. I stopped buying 510 carts because of how much I coughed. Still, I know folks who don't cough off of carts at all. Also, some don't like the fact that the Luster battery doesn't have variable temps. So, with that said, it's all about you. It's almost taken a year in the program to truly find my groove. Hope this helps? Cheers! ✌️❤️🌳😎

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