Unpopular Opinion: Meigs is good

  1. I just had a tenth of the wedding mints and it was not great for me. Not much smell and very little effects. Was hoping for a winner since I hear that’s one of their better strains but I wouldn’t buy it again

  2. I tried their cherry dosido & slurple a couple months ago & I was disappointed in both. Flavor, smell, effects all sucked. It's also never on sale around me unless everything's on sale so I just buy good stuff instead. Maybe it's better now but it wasn't that long ago that I got garbage. It was close to if not the worst flower I've had in the program.

  3. Youforia will do that every time and meigs has it dialed in they do get some hate but they have quite a bit of decent strains they just pop up here and there and then they're gone for a min.

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