Woodward Runtz shatter

  1. I think the packaging looks cool. The Drugs Inside case is a little questionable. I personally don't care but I doubt people who are brand new to cannabis are trying shatter.

  2. It’s a massive double standard. We can’t put “GRUMPZ” strain name on a vape pen, but the DRUGS INSIDE packaging is cool?

  3. I got this, too. It is top notch! Super euphoric head rush thing leads to a nice balanced high that lasts a good long time.. I will buy it when I see it..

  4. I cannot get over this packaging. Ppl get enough shit for having a card & then they put this drugs inside nonsense in graffiti font. Seriously WW, W T F…

  5. Life is too short to worry about packing. Try to enjoy the fact you have more options now. The price is on point and it’s a great product that helps patients. Who cares what is says on the packing?

  6. they found stock of old chinese bath salt packaging hidden in a self storage shed just outside of dayton

  7. W.W. Missed the boat on the packaging for this one. doesnt even seem rec, more black market packaging. Normally wouldnt care what the packaging looks like, but with us trying to break the stigma, this is a step backwards in my opinion. Glad to hear the MEDICINE was good!

  8. I like seeing stuff like this, that’s why I posted a picture of the packaging to see what people thought. I thought it was an odd decision on their part to throw that sticker on the case. But anyway you seem very offended by the packaging and I’m sorry for posting something offensive to you. The “medicine” was quite nice, helped me a lot, but I agree, labeling something as “drugs” is counterproductive

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