First day…tomorrow! Advice for a first time visitor?

  1. There’s two parades - one tomorrow and one on Sunday. The one on Sunday is bigger and better. If you want to go to the tents and get a good spot you’ll have to line up around 6.30 am if you don’t have a reservation.

  2. Totally agree. Priority on Sat is line up a few hours before run to tent. Get spot and wait till noon for beer. Have one or two eat and then walk around and go on rides.

  3. I don't think it's possible to see the parade and also get a seat in a tent unless you have a reservation. We lined up at 6 am on opening day and barely got seats. Check as they have lots of information. I saw that you could book reservations there for individuals and it includes a tour of some sort. Probably too late for opening day though. I was not in the Spaten tent when the keg was tapped and I don't remember them broadcasting where I was. It has been about 10 years since I went opening day so things may have changed. Have a great time! I wish I could go this year.

  4. You might be able to see the parade if you are in the tent if you kind of peer outside when it passes or when your brewery comes to your tent. But yah. Parade on Sunday is very very good.

  5. I showed up @ 8:30, found some locals in line, made fast friends, and made it into 2 tents throughout the day. Loads of fun!

  6. We (group of 5) got there at 8:30am yesterday (day 1) and ran to Augustiner tent as soon as we got through the gate. No reason to run as there were still plenty of seats at 10am. Our table did not fill up to capacity (10 people) until about 11:30am. I think as long as you get there around opening time or an hour earlier you should be fine as the tents are massive.

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