Corner of School and Main streets, Brockton, Massachusetts in 1940 vs. 2018. (1940 Photo by Jack Delano via Library of Congress.)

  1. Indeed. There was a big push to modernize the facades of buildings in cities and towns, which simply meant cover or remove the existing facade with it's eye catching and visually interesting details and replace it with... this. Actually, it was usually some sort of paneling, which you'll be familiar with if you look at photos of cities in the 50s-70s.

  2. Jack Delano was born Jacob Ovcharov in Voroshilovka, Ukraine in 1914. His family came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1923.

  3. Right that's when it was one of the shoe capitals of the world, and filled with manufacturing jobs, low paying, but nonetheless sustaining a downtown and neighborhoods. A pattern repeated all throughout New England as it was once heavy industrialized. Now that's all gone, demographics shifted, Brockton fell on very hard times, but is in a phase of renewal as we speak. I've driven through many times. So many of these stories of New England from New Hampshire especially down through Connecticut

  4. Towns and cities in New England that were on rivers and waterways were heavily industrialized and also heavily polluted. There was a reason those factories were on waterfronts. The river or lake etc were not for enjoyment like they are now; they were for industrial use and effluent discharge. In recent decades many cities and towns have been reclaiming these natural features as attractive assets, although it can be prohibitively expensive to do so.

  5. Yet another photo of how America has gone from being the utter business to being faceless, soulless drab.

  6. The south shore use to be so beautiful but the opioid epidemic destroyed a lot of it. Fuck the doctors who over prescribed shit too many people were lost

  7. The façade wasn't covered. The building burned down and the replacement is the bland hunk of rock we see today.

  8. Wow Brockton used to be a classy place. Also those travel agencies are almost always a front/a place where immigrants who don’t speak English get scammed.

  9. Brockton is rough. Worked in a few middle schools there and the gang culture is so prevalent that the middle school boys were all being pressured into it. Sad seeing a 12 year old boy trying to act tough instead of getting to be a kid.

  10. Such a beautiful old building, and someone was like "give me concrete and windows that are just large enough to let light in yet make someone feel trapped."

  11. It’s amazing how vibrant city life was even in smaller cities back then. It all started to change in the 1960s when Malls became a thing and business all moved out of downtown areas. Also, ever notice how people dressed up until the 1970s?

  12. Is that really the same building? Who thought uglifying it and removing all the beautiful detauils was a good idea?

  13. Life used to be so much classier. Now it’s flip flops, pajama bottoms and headphones while slurping down a coffee in a plastic cup.

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