Early 90s No idea what kind of pose I was doing but I was sure doing it

  1. They would do these exaggerated moves when talking. Like "Yes I would like a cup of coffee" and ending that sentence w that pose.

  2. The villains where so polite to stand there waiting for 5 minutes until all the rangers had announced their presence and gone though their little signature kata move-set ending in a dramatic pose one by one.

  3. since you couldn’t hear them talking, their movements usually coincide with the syllables, they used their body to talk.

  4. Yeah OP may have just forgotten, but they for damn sure knew EXACTLY what they were doing back then. That’s an expert Power Ranger pose

  5. I’m a dude who went as the pink power ranger for Halloween in 8th grade. Let me tell you, it was a big mistake to assume middle-schoolers have a sense of irony.

  6. Me and my buddy dressed up as brittany spears in 4th grade as a joke and were hella embarrassed walking by the 8th grade class lol.

  7. At this point I see a sense of irony as a sign of intelligence. I know plenty of adults who see somebody laughing at themselves and start laughing AT them instead of with them. “Guys... it was a joke.. I’m joking... okay whatever”

  8. Right??? As a kid you don’t appreciate that your back and knees and all your joints don’t hurt because you don’t know any different...

  9. I wanted to make a remark about the timeline of those, but Power Rangers is like 6 years younger than the JoJo manga. (1993 vs 1987)

  10. My parents always laughed when the yellow ranger was fighting on screen, and told me that I'd "get it" when I was older.

  11. It's literally the pink ranger pose from the show she dressed up as. She knows exactly what she's doing.

  12. Halloween 95, I was 5. I LOVED the Power Rangers, and Green was my favorite. I was told i was not allowed to dress up as Green Ranger bc he was a boy. So i picked my favorite woman Ranger, Yellow. Also not allowed bc she was Asian?!?! I was told I was going to dress as Pink Ranger. I said, truthfully, that i would rather not have Halloween than be forced to wear pink.

  13. The pink rangers morph animal was the crane. This is a pose that's supposed to resemble the crane. Nailed it 10/10

  14. I always loved the clear difference between the American scenes where you had to see the actors faces, versus the Japanese action scenes. The film grain was always so much richer in the Japanese scenes.

  15. It's pretty spot on for what I would expect from a ranger... but if you insist on distancing yourself from it, you could always pretend you just admired the Ginyu force?

  16. I had this costume for Halloween in the second grade. Although for some reason mine didn't have the mask.. or my mom just didn't want me to have it for some reason lol.... So I had face paint ... Face paint power Rangers mask. Seeing pictures now it was so creepy haha

  17. Can I just say I love this pic because I loved power rangers and now my four year old daughter just discovered them and we’ve been watching it every night for the past month- can’t decide if I like the ninja show or beast show better on Netflix

  18. I know you said early 90s, but its more likely this is mid (or even late) 90s given that the first season didn't air until late 1993.

  19. This pose is definitely in the Power Rangers movie with Ivan Ooze. I loved that movie so much mostly because the into music was higher ground by RHCP and after that anytime I heard a song I thought it was by the chili peppers.

  20. I used to teach a sword fighting workshop at a martial arts school. One time this super-weeb showed up. While I was teaching everyone the basic stance, he interrupted me to tell me “I already know how to do it” and went right into this pose. I thought he was joking at first but he was dead serious. Worst student I’ve ever had for many other reasons. I didn’t let him stay after the first day.

  21. I haven’t heard of the power rangers in about 10 years. Watching the masters today and they mention the way brooks Koepka is standing was like the power rangers pose. Then I come here and see this. Why do things like this happen !?

  22. I'd say you're pretty on point for Kimberly. I mean, it clearly wasn't your day job to be a Power Ranger, but this is a child that clearly pays attention (or at least LOVES Power Rangers)

  23. That's so cute. I was a few years too old for Power Rangers, but I've seen how big a deal it's been for the generation that grew up with it.

  24. Hahaha there's an 18 month stretch where every photo of my brother and I have us posing like this! Go go power rangers!

  25. Honestly I’m pretty sure I had a pink ranger toy as a kid in the exact same pose. Whatever you were going for I think you nailed it

  26. I remember crafting the green rangers body armor out of paper because my family was poor. Went to school in my green ranger pajamas with it on thinking I'd be such a stud...till Eric showed up in his professionally made green ranger costume that looked like the real thing.

  27. This is the most “kid pose” type thing I’ve ever seen I’m dying. I can see three torn ligaments in this picture if I were to jump up and Insta pose like that.

  28. I had a mask (and probably the rest of the costume?) just like that for the Red Ranger - I would wear it so much that condensation would gather on the plastic

  29. My brother and I were red and blue ranger one year, and for months we would still wear the masks and jump off our dad's bed and drop kick our soft lion king chairs til the seams would rip and the foam was falling out.

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