My parents at Dad’s Green Beret Graduation, 1982.

  1. Someone had way out punted his coverage.. Not meaning that in a bad way as I have done the same thing. Great Pic.

  2. It's '82 and all, a year before I was born. But your parents look so contemporary in this photo. With the hairstyle and general appearance, I could've easily been fooled into thinking this was 2002 instead(those greens were phased out in the mid 2010s).

  3. First thing that stood out for me is her dress. I remember back in 2000 when JLo wore that popular green Versace dress with a giant v shaped slit that goes down to her belly, I thought that's when the trend started. Looks like OP's mom was already rocking that style in the '82.

  4. It's interesting how we can look at a picture from 1982 and think the fashion & styles could potentially be anytime from 1996-2002 but if we see a picture from 1988 we're like yeah that can ONLY be '88.

  5. You win the “would you fuck my parents?” contest for the month of March. Your prize is a long list of inappropriate comments.

  6. They're both like straight out of central casting "extremely good looking all American high school sweethearts where he joins the Army".

  7. Damn your dad seems like a bad ass and your mums well she is absolutely beautiful. Literally looks like a movie couple ha

  8. I dunno. Some of the best-looking women I've known had absolute trolls for parents. And some of the ugliest trolls had gorgeous parents. You never know what genetics are gonna throw up.

  9. I have a friend who is your moms twin. I won’t post her picture here out of her privacy but I send you a message with her pics. She is her twin.

  10. He was sent to train members of the Contra in Nicaragua. Said it was very difficult to give combat weapons to 13 year old boys.

  11. Wow, blast from the past. I knew both these people, back in 83-84. Double-dated with Scott and Michelle on occasion when we were at 7th Grp, Ft. Bragg.

  12. In the second photo they've both got facial expressions and body language that scream "yeah we fuckin' tonight."

  13. Wow, your mom. It's not that she's hot, it's that she has that uhh universal appeal, the friendly cherubic hotness of like a pop starlet or something like that.

  14. I know the 80s was a different time, but I can not imagine wearing something with a neckline like this to an event where my boyfriend’s superiors would be present.

  15. Not gonna lie, in the first picture your mom looks like she's 17 and your dad looks like he's 30. 2nd picture your dad looks a little younger and your mom a little older.

  16. Ronald Reagan’s SF Baby program. Went to group as a PFC. How crazy is that. Now 18X make E5 at graduation. Imagine showing up to your team as a private. Hi guys! Shut up pri

  17. I replied to another comment expressing a similar question, but I think I assumed this photo was taken later than it actually was. He may not have been in this photo, but he was eventually a Green Beret. Sorry for the inaccuracy!

  18. He’s wearing a beret in the pre-Shinseki era, and has the the SF “De Oppresso Liber” insignia on it. His red beret flash is 1st Special Forces Command, 7th Special Forces Group. Definitely a green beret in this photo.

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