1. My first introduction to absurd parodies, I couldn't even believe you can make jokes like that. When he just takes a fist full of bullets and throws them at enemies, I was dying from laughter.

  2. I was fucking all in on those types of comedies as a tween/teen. The naked gun series, hot shots movies, airplane, spaceballs, Robinhood men in tights. They molded me

  3. national lampoons did another great movie called loaded weapon 1. with emillio estevez, samuel l jackson and tim curry and much much more well known people. it flopped back then, but i love that movie to death

  4. When he's killing all the dudes with the machine gun and it starts scoring him; that's my first memory of laughing so hard I basically lost control of myself.

  5. In the heat of jungle combat and infiltration, the heros encounter a breathable white picket fence as high as thighs. Topper shakes the gate as if he needed it to come to it's senses but it was no use.

  6. These are the old school parodies. They don’t make them anymore. If you want to laugh till you pee yourself to death, check all the works from Mel Brooks. He was a master of this stuff. Also anything with Leslie Nielsen too.

  7. The part where he's grunting with exertion as he's painstakingly pulling himself and his gun over the top only to jump down over a wall that's about two feet high is one of my favorite gags ever.

  8. I love this film. It's my favourite comedy,.watching it when I was older there was so much I missed as a kid, like in the restaurant scene where they reinact lady and the tramp, but in the back ground they are doing the godfather scene..

  9. "you win" while he's spitting out his nuts. Even though I've watched both Hot Shots a million times each they still make me crash up every time.

  10. Topper Harley: Ramada, I want to be with you. I want to hold you. I want to meet your parents and pet your dog...

  11. "I've fallen for you like a blind roofer" and "you have the whitest white parts of the eyes I've ever seen" are some of the greatest romantic lines ever

  12. That line kills me every time. It comes out of nowhere, has no context, and makes absolutely no sense but is still funny as hell.

  13. For years I didn’t understand what they said because I was 12 when this movie first came out. I knew they were father/son but not that they were both in Wall Street.

  14. I have never seen Wall Street, but I fucking loved this joke! I saw this movie for the first time last year (30yo) and lost it for 10 min and a few more times the next day. It’s so quick and clean. Came here to see it mentioned and wasn’t disappointed.

  15. I remember watching Hot Shots in the cinema with my mum and she was laughing SO much that I told her turn it down, which made her laugh even more! Super embarrassing as a teenager, but what an awesome movie! It led me down a path to discover the other classics like Airplane and Naked Gun movies!

  16. Have you seen Men at Work with Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, and Keith David? Keith David is hilarious in that movie.

  17. It's called the sclera. But only if its from the scleric region of France. Otherwise its just sparkling white part of the eye.

  18. One of the most brilliant and subtle comedic lines, in total deadpan delivery by Sheen, in that movie was when the colonel brings her to the Buddhist monastery: "Sir, I am not sure it was a good idea to bring her here. These men have all taken a solemn vow of chastity, like their fathers and their fathers before them."

  19. This move happened in a peak of my teenage hormone storm. I guess it defined some of my quirks. My wife has curly hair...

  20. i think she needed a better agent, Sheen on the other hand could have been as good as his dad (or any A-listers of his own generation) if he'd kept collaborating with Oliver Stone and separated his personal life from onset behavior

  21. Why has no one mentioned Spy Hard? I thought it was a pretty good addition to the list everyone else has mentioned.

  22. This movie is a great gay litmus test. If you're picking Charlie over one of the most beautiful women ever, then it's pretty clear what your orientation is.

  23. I actually saw Hot Shots before seeing Top Gun and it was the first movie spoof I had ever seen. Let's just say it was a wild ride when I finally did see Top Gun!!

  24. How this movie isn’t considered one of the greatest comedies of all time is beyond me. “Now we’ll do things the old Navy way. First guy to die, loses!”

  25. My god why did we not get more Valeria Golino in the world? She's stunning, has comic timing and carried her roles well.

  26. If i was joking, i would say. A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks, why the long face. Such a good movie. Really needs to be a third one.

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