Pattie Boyd and George Harrison. 1968.

  1. Dude is 25 here. The crazy roller coaster this guy had experienced at this point in his life. Im 26 and I can’t even begin to imagine how I would have handled all that. Im only just recently starting to feel like an adult

  2. Back then, if not wealthy, required growing up and working faster. At my Dad’s time in the fifties, going to apprentice at 14 was common and expected to do your bit to support the family. Marrying at late teens/early twenties and having kids. It was a different time. An uncle was unmarried at past 25, and it was a huge scandal in the small town that hadn’t settled down and set roots. The changes in the 60s made a huge transformation to society.

  3. You prob would have been rich and successful and questioned your existence and went to India to a questionable guru. lmao. You are so right. Here I am in my bed at 40. What a fucking life these guys experienced.

  4. I have wondered for decades what it was about that woman. Clapton could’ve had a million different women & he was obsessed with George Harrison’s wife? I know she was beautiful— but it makes me wonder what else she was doing…

  5. 'Something' was a song even Frank Sinatra covered. I did read that he didn't write that about Patti but about Lord Krishna, as he was at the beginning of his religious studies, BUT you'll NEVER convince the public of that, or people who were there at the beginning.

  6. Blows my mind that George Harrison was only 25 here. I was watching "Get Back" and I had to remind myself that the oldest of them, John and Ringo, were barely 30 years old when they did that.

  7. “Neither George nor I knew anything about gardening and had no particular interest in it. The only thing I remember planting was a climbing rose in the area by the swimming pool where there were white wooden slats to screen it off. I was so thrilled when it grew big and beautiful that I took a photo one summer’s day of the two of us standing in front of it. I went to great pains to set up a tripod but George got bored waiting for the shutter to close and it caught him looking away.” From Patti’s book ❤️❤️

  8. That's 'because she was thinking about Eric and George was thinking about Ringo's wife. Rich and good looking popstar problems.

  9. This woman inspired some of the best love songs the world has ever known. Something, Layla, Wonderful Tonight.

  10. Old joke is old. Also, Harrison fucked anything that moved, regardless of his own or anyone else’s marriage. It wasn’t just Pattie that was sexually liberal, it was normal in their scene.

  11. Looks exactly like him. What are you trying to say? Also, I think this photo is in Pattie Boyd's book, so there's a first-hand source right there.

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