Ozzy Osbourne & Sharon looking very metal 1985

  1. And probably just before they let Jake E Lee write an entire album for him, and then fire him and never pay him anything at the threat of black balling him.

  2. That man's voice will never cease to amaze me. Even after years of drug abuse to the point he would always slur when speaking he could still sing

  3. I had to stay at a cult compound for a night a few years ago. If you gave Ozzy's shirt a collar this would literally be exactly what they all wore

  4. It was like quitting drugs could only be done if you stopped wearing the clothes you liked and it had to be a disingenuous Christian conversion thing

  5. It's funny because Sean Astin's paternity was for a while one of Hollywood greatest mysteries. They would not have been surprised if Ozzy was considered as well

  6. My exes mum used to teach his kids. She remembered very clearly Sharon coming in one morning and saying ‘Ozzie tried to kill me last night his still in the local police station now’.

  7. The thing is, right after this time is when Ozzy started to follow the trends rather than set them. Like he always used to have his own look and sound. And people followed him rather than the other way round.

  8. I can’t recommend his audiobook “I am Ozzy” enough. It’s absolutely hilarious! The narrator sounds like him as well, just more coherent.

  9. This is soon after Ozzy returned from the Betty Ford Clinic. He was gearing up for the recording of “The Ultimate Sin”. I kind of miss the 80’s.. kind of.

  10. They remind me of that one golden girls episode where rose convinces Dorothy and Blanche to be on a panel on a talk show about “women who live together.” But it was really about lesbians. The other ladies on the panel were Pat and Kathy - and that’s who Ozzy and Sharon look like 🤣😂

  11. I was thinking they looked like an average couple I’d see when my parents dragged to Wednesday night fellowship at heir church in the 80’s.

  12. Reminded me of the Addams family: You have married Fester, you have destroyed his spirt but Pastels Debbie, that I can't forgive

  13. This is just evidence that Ozzy went so far down one end of the heavy-metal continuum that he ended up on the other side. The side that is as square as humanly possible.

  14. This looks like it was taken in a cult house where everyone needs to dress the same while at the same time looking like mental institution uniforms.

  15. Wait so samwise leaves the shire with Rosie, discovers metal, grows his hair out, decapitates at least several dozen bats with his teeth, does enough hard drugs to kill 7 donkeys, then goes on to be a successful reality tv star????

  16. My family has photos in pastel blues and whites just like this in the 90s. It's nice to know that even the Osbourne's followed the trend!

  17. Geez, their clothing makes them look like they belong on a ward of the local religiously sponsored hospital.

  18. This is from a series of photoshops where they took celebrities and made them into ordinary people who shopped at Walmart and worked at a grocery store.

  19. How tf does Sharon look older than she does now, 37 years ago? Has she had that much plastic surgery done or is Ozzy really the prince of darkness and cast a spell on her?

  20. Ozzy looking like one of those comedy actors that appears on every sitcom as a minor character that annoys the main cast

  21. I remember someone talking about how badass and evil he thought Black Sabbath was when he was a kid, then he saw them live and Ozzy is some hippy in a leather fringed jacket throwing peace signs yelling "I love you!"

  22. This is right around the time he went on Phil Donahue and was asked if he ever summoned the devil and said he can't even summon a coffee, Loll.

  23. If it wasn't for the title I would have zero clue who these people were and would think this is a production photo from mom and dad save the world.

  24. huge heavy metal star’s career is in toilet due to crazy drug use. agent dumps him. agent’s daughter the marketing genius gets him, puts him in shape, marries him, turns him into a bigger star than ever before. reality tv show ensues.

  25. Sharon looks like the mom from Master Of Disguise and Ozzy just looks like a Midwestern Methodist with a secret alcohol problem.

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