[Giveaway] Hey r/OnePiece, I've made this Whitebeard Jolly Roger LED Neon light, and I wanna share it with you now, in 24hr randomly from all the comments I will draw the winner. Covering all the shipping costs. Good luck and Bless You <3

  1. do you sell those? a friend of mine is a huge fan of one piece and merchandise so would fit quite well for him?

  2. Bro not only are you talented enough to make this kind of stuff. But you are also extremely generous. Goddamn it looks good, and good luck to all who are participating :D

  3. I read it initially as extremely gorgeous, which I assume is also true from a person so talented and generous.

  4. Damn it looks amazing, I just got a new apartment after being homeless for a year, it would look amazing in my room

  5. This looks amazing, White beard is on of my favorite non main characters (along with his 2 of his sons, Marco and ace)

  6. oh my GOD, this is so bloody cool! thank you for your generosity and sharing your art—this is SO cool!!!!

  7. Looks awesome man! Never had a neon light light like those but thought they look sick, would be a great decoration for a computer desk imo.

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