I made a timeline of all One Piece chapters by year, saga, and arc. (25 years, chapter 1-1050)

  1. 2008 was a good year. Amazing ending of Thriller Bark, all Sabaody archipelago and the beginning of Amazon Lilly. What a rush.

  2. 2004 was pretty much all LRLL, which, while some people certainly quite enjoy it, I'd still say it's probably the weakest of the years

  3. I honestly miss the old chapter, like I know we get a lot more story done now but I don't like staying on the same island from multiple real world years, I liked when we got to see more of the diffrent islands on the grand line more.

  4. True, a roller coaster of emotion too since the crew was beaten and Luffy knowing Ace was going to be executed.

  5. a poster on a wall would be kinda nice! the artwork is kinda enough but can still be polished. how to make this a pc wall paper though?

  6. Don't get me wrong, we all appreciate Oda's work. But I think it really goes to show that shorter arcs are (generally) better arcs

  7. The writing has improved time skip IMO. But pre time skip was a simpler world that we didn’t understand as much so it has a great adventure feel

  8. Excellent graphic, easily readable, well designed and not overcomplicated. That 2008-2011 chunk looks incredible, there's so many cool little arcs hammed together, kinda miss it. Hope Oda finds a way to do some shorter stories again after Wano, be a good refresher.

  9. I remember that because it burnt me out so much that when Punk Hazard didn't start off with a bang I stopped reading weekly and didn't return to One Piece til 2019

  10. Honestly now I realize that those two week breaks in between really did affect how long this arc was.

  11. Should be noted that the number of chapters/year went down since Oda started to get breaks so it’s not just that the arcs are bigger (though they are).

  12. Wano by a long shot the longest arc. It’s been so long since a new arc started, gonna be a weird transition lol

  13. He made each row only 20 chapters long, Oda started writing 49 chapters a year but now does around 39. The arc lenghts in this graph are correct, but the years are just there to give a rough view on what year the arcs were written or it wouldn't have a rectangular shape.

  14. Holy shit man, I joined in the manga mid- Dressrossa and I felt like I'm here for the last couple chapters. Turns out I've been here for a third of the journey - and by the time it ends, probably 50% of it.

  15. Loving the patterns, colors, art, and timeline information. It puts a few things into perspective.

  16. From the time MJ and the Bulls were on their way to complete a second three-peat, their 6th time in the Finals in 8 years, to the Warriors trying to win a 4th ring in their 6th time in the Finals in 8 years, One Piece was around. Talk about longevity and greatness, wow.

  17. I wonder if the community will decide to split Wano into two? Wano and Onigashima arcs. I can see that being possible.

  18. It’s possible. I followed whoever making the wiki page lol. Possibly similar to what happened to water 7 and ennies lobby.

  19. Hopefully we’ll get a new arc this year. I think it’ll be Elbaf or beehive island as smaller arc before the final saga with god valley in it.

  20. It blows my mind that we have been hanging out with Momo and Kinemon since Punk Hazard in 2013 and all of the samuri stuff is wrapping up and reaching its conclusion nearly a decade later. It feels like they have been part of the crew for so long now, longer than Vivi ever was. The end of an era.

  21. It's 2022 and Water 7 / Enies Lobby is still one of the best anime arcs of all time, followed closely by the absolute mindfuck that is Sabaody Archipelago.

  22. it took fucking 10 years for kinemon and momonosuke to get to its final chapter as of today holy shit

  23. If one piece was to be release post 2020, the anime will get cancel early. 1 year and they only manage to get to orange town. And also 1 year hiatus every arc 🤣

  24. I stand by that the East Blue was the best one piece ever was, and this graph shows it better. Each little story took around 10 to 20 chapters and now you have entire arcs that take twice as long as the entire east blue put together.

  25. After the Foxy Arc, the rest of the year almost finished the entire Water 7 arc which were some of the best chapters in the series

  26. Oh my word, you are beautiful. This is something I didn’t know I wanted and you are beautiful for giving it to me.

  27. Nope, still going strong as always.. The grand theme of the story is still the same, the characters barely aged lol. Story wise it’s 2-3 years, while in real time it’s 25 years.

  28. Man I feel old. I was in it since the beginning of the anime, then took a hiatus when they cracked down on all the fan subs. It was right before thriller bark. Then kids happened, and finally go caught up about a year ago thanks to crunchy roll. I had a bootleg of east blue back in the day, saw that arc at least 5 times.

  29. My 11yo son is getting me into Anime and we’ve been wanting to start One Piece but I can’t commit the time needed to catch up on 25 years of episodes. Any advice on where to start or which arcs we can pick and choose to get enough background info to start watching current episodes?

  30. Wild that I began watching one piece at the start of Dressrosa, it took me about a month and a bit of binge to catch up, (got to ‘Lucy’ and his tournament) then just binged the Manga since, can’t believe I read this every week for almost 8 years

  31. Dressrosa really should have been shorter, we felt it at the time but even now looking back it was certainly true. All the running, the Doffy clone, the cage.

  32. I hope post wano arcs are not as long... but with one or two (probably) more straw hats, the fighting arcs are going to become even longer as in classic oda style, we'll get another baddie for each of them to fight...

  33. I'm in Fishman-Island so roughly half way there. Wohooo! There is plenty left to go!!! Makes me happy!

  34. This is awesome! I'm always impressed with how talented people in this subreddit are. If you ever decide to sell this as a poster let me know!

  35. I started watching back in 2011 and then they stopped airing them on my local TV channel so I couldn't watch any up until 2018 around the whole cake island arc. I am now trying to catch up with the latest ones consistently :v

  36. Unpopular opinion maybe, but this makes me feel the complaint about Wano's length to be somewhat exaggerated. It's not all that much longer than the Water 7 Saga, which to me can be viewed as one single thing You could even compare the raid on Onigashima for Wano to the the raid on Enies Lobby for Water 7, it's all one cohesive story.

  37. The main difference for me is the W7/EL is paced extremely well and Wano deeply struggles with pacing issues throughout the whole thing. It makes it feel way longer than it actually is.

  38. It is a bit different I would say - Water 7 saga was a self-contained saga. Wano is just a continuation of a saga that is lasting since Kinemon and Momo met the crew - that is going on for a decade now. When Water 7 saga started we didn't know CP was a thing - compare it to Beast Pirates which we knew a lot about years before we ever got to Wano. Let's not even mention that BM is the main (co-)antagonist for 7ish years now.

  39. WOW 909 started Wano? We have had over 100 chapters in this arc holy cow. Also it looks like the chapter dropped July 2018? Its been over 46 months on this arc O.o

  40. Yeah there have been a lot of great parts, but for me personally 100 chapters is just too long a time to spend on an arc. I'm ready for a change and a new adventure

  41. Kaido has been a menace for the longest. This is nice and another one at the end of one piece would be very useful.

  42. I appreciate this a lot. I love that you separate Saga's and Arc's, I feel like people get those confused so this clears that view up

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