Should I drop SBI4U now or wait?

  1. It gets less chemistry-heavy in the sense that it's no longer all about biochem, but the metabolic processes unit is literally memorization of chemical compounds and their reactions. There is a LOT of chemistry involved but it's more memorization-oriented than biochem.

  2. Biology interests me a lot actually but I’m really struggling to understand the material. Grade 11 bio was drastically easier and I never took grade 11 or 12 chem. My last chemistry class was taught all the way back in grade 10 by a teacher who I’m pretty sure was actively trying to get fired by not actually teaching us anything at all really. He mainly just played Mickey Mouse cartoons in class and called students slurs so… yeah there’s that. There’s no way I’m getting an 80% on the next test let alone 100%. I really don’t want this hurting my overall average, which is usually in the high 80’s/low 90’s, especially because I don’t really need it. The writing’s on the wall I guess lol. Thanks a bunch for your input!

  3. Drop it now. A 35% percent average, if I'm being realistic is going to be hard to recover from regardless of your performance going forward. If you are confused at the beginning, chances are it will not improve.

  4. Drop it right now. Your friends aren't very realistic; how much can you improve your mark from a 35 that would give you leeway in admissions? Not very much. So drop it while you can and as soon as you can. Don't waste your march break stressing about bio.

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