Presentation Anxiety

  1. You got this bro! I have the same issue as you, hard time for public speaking but just don’t look at people directly and try to narrow your eye contact to something else like an object. Oh an another fun tip would be to listen to Kanye or Eminem before presenting 😉

  2. i totally understand how you feel. i’m honestly a super quiet and shy person so i always had the worst anxiety when going up and presenting because i hated the feeling of being in the front with all the attention on me… but what i realized is that people honestly don’t care as much as you may think! i hope this doesn’t sound rude or like i’m pushing your feelings aside, but think about it. when your classmates are presenting, are you paying attention to every little thing they’re doing? it’s not like we’re counting each stutter, mistake, etc. usually other people in the class are thinking about their own presentation or something else. That’s what i usually say to myself, and it’s actually helped out a lot! i know it seems scary because it’s a big part of your grade, but at the end of the day, this presentation isn’t gonna be something that everyone remembers, it’ll just be 1 great presentation out of 30 ! seriously, don’t let your anxiety get in the way of doing the best you can! :)

  3. Yeah, that's a good point. Half the time it's just my anxiety playing hot potato with fear of the audience and fear of the mark. Thanks for sharing though, I feel better now!

  4. I used to have really bad presentation anxiety as well, like nearly pass out and almost piss your pants type anxiety. It felt so embarrassing and humiliating being up there in front of the class. I’ve gotten a lot better now so here are somethings I did; Cue cards should only have your key points. Practice ad libbing from those points, if you follow a script you’re prone to mess up and panic. Have something to fidget like a noiseless pen or anything that’s small and discreet. It will help the rest of your body from shaking. Also, asking for a tall desk, like a podium almost, really helps. Don’t stare at the front of the class, stare at the back wall. No one will even know. And of course, peer review.

  5. Yes, this was also a problem for me. Literally was so nervous that I stood there and cried… embarrassing ik😭😭. But Instead of having that feeling of nervousness and butterflies in your stomach turn it into excitement. I don’t know how to explain this, but I just try to look really confident and smile. I also try to be super prepared by constantly practicing my speeches. Writing them in flash card with me when presenting is helpful to. I take a peek at it if I I am forgetting something whne presenting

  6. have you asked your teacher if you could do it in private during lunch or after school or something? i have really bad presentation anxiety too and my voice gets all shaky. i asked my eng teacher last semester if i could do it at lunch, and surprisingly she was completely fine with it. anyways good luck on your presentation! x

  7. I did email him if I could record presentations since I've heard from other students of his that he allows it. Yet to hear back, but hoping for the best. Thank you!

  8. I have the exact same problem. I’ve been getting better recently ever since I started practicing the presentation out loud over and over. I wouldn’t say I’m memorizing what exactly to say, but I go through what I want to get across. That way when I get up there I won’t stress if I veer slightly of the “script”, as I’ve practiced many different ways to convey the same message. During the presentation, I try looking mostly at the teacher instead of the students.

  9. I had this issue before. Unfortunately the only way to conquer this is by presenting more. It's like getting over your fear of roller coasters. You will hate it the first couple of times but then you'll start to feel more comfortable.

  10. I will never understand why they make students do this. It should be their choice, not everyone likes public speaking and is not a skill “you have to have”. They’re evaluating knowledge and it should be assessed in the best way each student can show how much they’ve learnt. They need to stop treating students like they’re all the same in terms of learning skills. What a [email protected] torture.

  11. Well if getting good grades is not a valid goal in high school, Idk what is. I'm not expecting to be lazy and still get high marks, but rn this anxiety is one reason that's preventing me from doing my best.

  12. Can you find your balls? Once you locate those, I need you to grab them. And once you’ve grabbed them, I need you start presenting in front of yourself in the mirror and your friends. 99% of what we learn in school has nothing to do with making the bills. Talking does. Oral communication is the most desired trait you could possibly possess. Join toastmasters, rotary, and leadership clubs, outside of school. Stay hard.

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