Got Accepted To Bcomm At TMU

  1. Idk try convincing cause tmu business program not even bad. And honestly it doesn’t matter what uni you go to these days, it matters by experience and you can bring to the table. If your program have coop at Waterloo you should be good but do what you want to do

  2. Ya my program has co-op. I've kind of convinced her but she has a couple questions about Residence that I've emailed housing for.

  3. Congratulations! I'd say try to talk with your mom about the advantages at TMU, as you want to go into Human Resources I believe! It'll be a better place to network and gain connections.

  4. Hey congrats! And I feel you; I’m Asian too lol but you should try talking to your mom and explaining. It worked for me and they aren’t that strict anymore and are way more lenient. Hope everything goes well fellow Asian friend 🙃

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