High school doesn't offer AP classes. Will I survive Engineering?

  1. Advice coming from a Grade 12 non-Engineering student here, but many people get admitted and get used to the workload of university in general through peers and advice from upper years. If you keep up a good work ethic and have good time management, being in AP/IB doesn't really give you an edge into surviving any program in general.

  2. UofT EngSci student here. Just strengthen your work ethic and learn all the material for Calculus I and II, some of Linear Algebra, PHY180, Python/C, and some basic chemistry during the summer before first year. You'll be more than fine.

  3. Know some friends who are currently doing AP courses (well used to, they finished exams) and know some schools that have AP courses available.

  4. I think it's only in a select ammount of schools. I had somone from guidance tell me that was because most students wont take the courses. However the ammount of students who need thease courses and dont know they are avalible is crazy. I think if they made it easier to know where the courses where available more would take them..

  5. You’ll be perfectly fine, according to stuff like Waterloo Engineering class profiles most incoming students did not do any form of AP or IB going into university. There are other more important things to think about!

  6. My school also didn't offer AP or IB, and I'm now going into my 4th year of engineering, and I didn't struggle anymore than my peers who did AP or IB. We were at a pretty even level when we first started, and any difference between those who took them or didn't basically goes away after first year anyways.

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