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  1. Ooo exciting the Grade 11s are starting to take over the sub :) SE admit here! 95 is a bit low, I would say anything above 97 puts you in a very competitive range. A lot of people will try to scare you saying that “tons of 98s and 99s didn’t get in”: but remember it’s not just the grades, it’s your extracurricular and AIF writing. It’s hard to believe but admissions is not about what you are on paper, but how you can express fit for that program through your writing and past experiences. There is no single type of person who’s guaranteed to get into SE, but at the same time it could be you and your unique experiences that they are looking for.

  2. Also note that it seems Waterloo has begun to give more weight to the actual quality of your writing in the AIF! Don't write boring monotonous sentences and definitely triple-check for spelling and grammar errors and stuff. Treat it like the most important think you'll write in your life, basically. Of course make sure to hit all your bases and explain your EC's well (you don't necessarily need to be creative, it's not Mac Health Sci) but do make sure to sound emphatic and passionate about attending the school, don't just use the AIF to rattle off clubs you were in. I know a lot of people who did not take the AIF seriously and that didn't work out well for them, so give yourself plenty of time to answer it as best you can! (Source: not a waterloo student, but my best friend is in tron eng there and has told me a lot about the ins and outs of engineering admissions there)

  3. Next year, a 95 will probably on the lower side for most Ontario CS/eng programs. programs like uw se also have a huge luck factor attached to them. grades also aren't everything, especially when literally everyone nowadays has a 95 average. aif matters a whole lot, and there are definitely specific things that waterloo looks for in an aif. idk what those things are cuz I got rejected but I assume things like shad help a lot since many ppl in shad tend to get into these super competitive programs.

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