Very Concerning grade 11 mark

  1. I'll be honest, from every post asking "Will x Grade 11 Mark Matter?", most people say no and move on. However, it might depending on your course schedule.

  2. While this is true do keep in mind that (supposedly) most marks come out in May Time so by mid-April your mark will be replaced anyway

  3. You can just ask your guidance to move the English class to first sem, it's not set in stone. I moved a ton of courses this year multiple times

  4. I got a 51 in grade 11 functions and honestly believe me as long as you work hard next year they could not care less.

  5. if you have english in semester 2, then yes, it could be a factor. you may not get admission to any program before may (when they have your eng4u midterm mark) and this may stress you out a bit because most of your peers will have gotten into at least their backup programs b4 may. CE is generally a very competitive program at most unis so a 53 in english will definitely hurt your chances for early admissions. talk to a guidance counselor and see if you can get sem 1 english.

  6. I was in a similar situation where I wasn’t that happy with my grade 11 English mark. Just make sure u have English in first semester and you’ll be fine.

  7. Not really. Especially UofT Eng where 90% of the acceptances come out in May so while your chances for early acceptance are next to 0 if you get English second semester, you will be fine for the final round. UofT TrackOne/CE is pretty safe around 96 avg so aim for that.

  8. I was in a similar situation and solved it by taking gr12 english in the summer before and got a 98 so it didn’t affect my top 6 average for uni early decisions.

  9. I would recommend applying to electrical engineering at uoft instead of comp eng, its the same exact stream, and has less applicants = easier to get in. at uoft you're in ECE until third year, and then you pick CE or EE based on courses. so it doesn't matter if you're accepted into EE or CE

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