How many post secondary programs do you plan to apply to?

  1. I’d say go ahead with all 8, as long as you have the money, the more programs you apply to the better the chance of getting into one of them. If you don’t have the money, apply to the top 2 programs, and one or two safety programs, that you are sure you can get into.

  2. I'd at minimum apply to 1 other, after your top choices, that you are basically guaranteed to get into. I've heard of many people applying to 8, but if there's some that you don't really like in your list of 8 you could cut them out

  3. I applied to 8, with half of them being safety schools, I regret applying to so many and should've just stuck with 3, since I didn't even want to go to most of the places I applied lol

  4. If you’re confident that you’ll get in and you know you’re really only debating between the two options just pick one or two more that you like most from your other options as backups and that should be enough, imo 8 is way too many can makes for an overwhelming time when it comes to decision making

  5. i’m applying to 2. lower than most. apply to however many you want so long as you can afford each application fee. it’s best to have many opportunities. applying for only 2 does make me nervous

  6. It helped me to apply to more than just my top choices allowing my options to be open because your decision of the university program you want to pursue will look a lot different in a year’s time.

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