I'm scared

  1. Do practice problems. Even if you think you know something you probably don’t unless you actually applied what you learned. Textbook problems are a good start. Good luck!!

  2. Would you say making flahscards or practice problems should go first and while doing problems should I be using my notes if im not too confident with them yetM

  3. SAME I have bio and math this sem. Math is pretty good as long as I do the practice questions. However, I can’t seem to remember anything for bio. I had a quiz today and I completely blanked out (nothing stuck in my brain). I studied for 2 days to try and comprehend the work but it didn’t help. I’m so scared I’m gonna fail the quiz (I know it’s just a quiz) but it wasn’t a good start to the course. Any suggestions for how anyone did grade 12 biology and got a good grade?

  4. try improving your memory. remember to find your learning style (visual, auditory etc) and go from there. Spend more than two days. Don’t cram. spend a couple hours everyday on it. I believe in you so much.

  5. Same I have math and bio rn. I got no idea what happened on my first test, got a 63, had a 92 last year 💀 I can’t stop stressing about it but I’m trying to fix it

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