can someone give me motivation to not drop all my adv func work and just sleep

  1. I feel the same way, friend. All this work is stacking up so quickly and i’ve got test after test coming up but I have absolutely no motivation to do anything at all. I’d rather just sleep because of that recurring feeling of worthlessness. I hope we can get through this, you’re not alone 🫂

  2. i knooow but even the thought of failing doesnt motivate me,,, it just makes me wanna fail anyways bc my brain thinks im a failure alr 🥲

  3. Your future self is in the middle of a test or seeing a waitlist offer and talking shit about you. Tears pouring all over future you, and thinking if I only I tried a lil harder.....Nothing worse than seeing how close you've come, but a lack of motivation really f'ed you up

  4. Tbh sometimes it’s best to hand it in a day late and sleep and start again in the morning, doing stuff when you are really tired means you are more likely to make mistakes and rush your work

  5. Absolutely not! Do not drop all your work and sleep, why don’t you motivate yourself by telling yourself that you can sleep afterwards? After all that work, you can get some quality rest. Think about your future and what you’re doing to yourself in the present, you have to work hard to get to that future that you want. Think about how satisfying it would be if you did all your work, if you made yourself a schedule and actually did it. Don’t start with MOTIVATION FIRST, start with discipline first. FORCE YOURSELF TO DO THE WORK. Then you’ll feel like you’re capable and you’ll realize how great you are. Then you’ll feel motivated, take it one step at a time and do small things. You can even like, do a math question for every YouTube video you watch.

  6. If this is just one night specifically that you feel exhausted and want to sleep, especially if you don't have something imminent (assignment due at 12, test the next day, etc.), just go to sleep, your body needs rest and you can always do it tomorrow.

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