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  1. Around when did you get accepted? When do the bulk of offers come out? Do you like the content so far this year? How much harder are first year econ/accounting/math courses then high school?

  2. Hi! I submitted my SE on February 1st (super late! it was the last day 🤪) and I got accepted on May 13.

  3. Also with someone who choose business last minute, do you consider that an issue? I have less prior business knowledge so does that some way negatively impact me? Are there things I should brush up on over the summer?

  4. That’s completely fine! All profs assume that everyone has no business knowledge, so you definitely won’t be behind or anything. In the summer, they release Accounting and Calculus courses for people that want a little introduction to those courses. They’re really helpful if you want to have a jump start. Other than that, you should be fine. If you would like to take a look at some second semester course notes, message me!

  5. I’m in the class of 2024 and honestly there is more diversity than before. A large part of our class are Southeastern Asians (Canadian and International). But yes, there are a lot of white students too. Just not as much as it is said to be. By the way, this is just for first years.

  6. I found Comm 161 to be the hardest, mostly because I couldn’t exactly wrap my head around it. Looking back, I should have gotten a tutor. If you’re a math wiz, shouldn’t be too bad though. Even though I wouldn’t pursue marketing, I found intro to marketing to be the most fun. I had an amazing prof who always had the most engaging discussion questions that were easy marks. Majority of it was group work and I had the best group! The content was also very easy to grasp and apply.

  7. Not OP, but thought i’d give my 2 cents anyways. For me, my favourite class in first year was absolutely Business Management. You do a semester-long simulation called capsim where you’re running a business with a team of people and competing against other teams in your industry to achieve the best market share/profitability/etc. over the simulation. The sim is super collaborative, competitive, and really hammers in the fundamentals of running a business (marketing, finance, r&d, etc.).

  8. I haven’t met anyone in person, but the people that I have worked with in groups and the people in the group chats are the nicest people ever! from what i’ve seen, they’re all very lovely people. In terms of diversity, there is more diversity than before.

  9. What are the differences in student demographic, academic focus, and overall vibe between Economics and Commerce? This is on my mind a lot, as an incoming Econ student

  10. I honestly don’t know anyone in the Econ program. Are you thinking of doing an Econ and Comm double major?

  11. I am really really not a math person and also really bad at math. Do you use math a lot in general? How would you rate them ? How hard are they ? Also, any tips please ! Thanks

  12. Hi! We don’t usually use that much math outside the two first year math courses. In marketing, there are a few formulas but they are veryyyy easy. It’s super basic - fifth grade level math. The math courses aren’t easy to be honest, but there are a lot of resources that you can use. I found managerial statistics to be very boring, but easier than intro to calculus. I highly recommend using the foundations of calculus course in the summer portal to somewhat prepare yourself. There is also an exam bank that you will have access to, so make sure to try some old exams. Other than that, attend tutorials and classes. There is a site called CommAdvantage that is apparently very helpful. It’s not cheap, but a lot of people say that it’s worth it. If all of this does not help, Queen’s has a tutoring service called BrainTrust where they match you with a tutor for only $15/h.

  13. Hey ! I was looking to apply to Commerce at Queens and was lowkey wondering if my ECs are even good enough. I'm a student trustee for my school board. I led an indigenous awareness project which interviewed indigenous people about their experience; I volunteered as a hockey coach; I created a MUN club. I'm lowkey stressed that I haven't had anything "business" related. Let me know your thoughts !

  14. Hey! I think you should definitely apply. Your EC’s sound great! If Comm applications are like last year, you don’t have to worry about listing your EC’s. You’ll just have to choose 2 out of 3 essay topics. As long as you can apply what you have learned in your EC’s to the essay topic and focus on your contributions as well as how it shaped you, you’ll be fine! Personally, my EC’s weren’t business related and you don’t have to worry about it being a disadvantage. Also, I think your Indigenous awareness project sounds very interesting & if there’s an opportunity, you should definitely tie it into one of your essays :) Please apply and feel free to message me if any questions come up!

  15. What kind of clubs and extra curricular could you do first year? I know a lot of comsoc clubs don’t really hire frosh positions so what else could you do?

  16. Actually, there are a lot of positions for first-years in comsoc clubs. A bunch of people in my program were able to secure spots. There’s frosh hiring in the fall and then there was march hiring. But if you’re not able to get an exec position, I recommend joining their membership clubs. A few clubs have membership positions that you don’t have to interview for. These are great because you get to experience the club and apply next year with all the knowledge that you gained. I, for one, didn’t apply for any frosh positions because I found internships outside of school. I am currently a member of Queen’s International Affairs Association, Queen’s Insurance Association, and Smith Black Business Association. I joined them so I could have some clubs on my resumes. I really recommend joining Arts clubs as well!

  17. Hi! Currently all our classes our remote. But when Queen’s opens its doors, our commerce classes will be in Goodes Hall and our arts&science electives will be elsewhere.

  18. Hi! That’s a great question! I was able to secure an internship this summer, and it was surprisingly easy! Of course, it’s not with a Big 5 or Big 4 company, because I am still in first year, but I am able to have some experience on my resume. Because of Covid and everything, the Canadian government funded a program that matches undergrad students with start-ups who are looking for interns. The process took no time and the interviews were very straightforward. Let me know if you have any more questions about this!

  19. Did you apply to Ivey? If so and you got accepted, was there anything else other than the case method and the 2 + 2 structure that made you choose Qcomm?

  20. Ivey was actually my only rejection. If you are deciding between them, just make sure to consider the costs (Queen’s is very expensive) and the 80% average you need for Ivey. They’re both amazing programs though.

  21. i’m in grade 11 and i have like no extra curriculars (besides being part of clubs in school and model UN) outside of school except for my 25 hours of volunteering at a community centre. due to covid i don’t think there are many extra curriculars for me and i feel it might be too late, could you tell me what extra curriculars u did in uni and any advice for me regarding extra curriculars??

  22. I’m not OP but Queen’s did not ask for extracurricular at all this year due to COVID. Those extracurriculars you listed, model UN and school clubs, are accepted by every university and it’s what most people have. The only business program that asked me for actual work experience was McMaster Business and UofT Scarborough BBA. Work experience is pretty useful and it would probably help you out but try and have at least 5 extracurriculars/volunteering experiences that you could talk about.

  23. Queen’s still hasn’t officially released their plans for the fall term yet. Hopefully they do have a fully online option because semi learning would be awful. Personally, if it’s semi, I might just commute.

  24. They would only use grade 11 marks for early admission. Do you mean academic requirements or other application requirements?

  25. They changed the structure of the program. Two years ago when I was in first year, I didn’t have any electives. However, in second year I took ENIN 240 and LLCU 214

  26. Hello. How is queens going? We came to visit and want to there for sure. In the commerce. Working on my SA FORM NOW. Any tips. How’s the program, profs and workload?

  27. Hi! That’s great to hear :)) Queen’s is great - I’m really enjoying my third year so far. For your SA I would recommend choosing unique experiences and making sure to relate it back to Queen’s (ie. what did you learn from that experience and how would you apply that as a Queen’s student). There are also exemplars as well as a rubric on their website so I highly recommend using those as resources. Most profs are great and are very open to helping out students in any way they can. The workload is very manageable I would say if you have good time management skills. There are courses that are pretty light in homework which gives you time to do homework for more quantitative classes. Overall, it’s a great program and I’m glad I chose Qcomm! Hope this helps! 😊

  28. Around what average did you have when you got accepted? Also what grades did you have for your mandatory courses (English, Calc and the other math)? After making the cutoff point are essays actually the only determining factor?

  29. My average was 96 and I had a 96 in English, 96 in Calculus, and 91 in Advanced Functions. Yes, the essays are the only determining factor after meeting the cutoff.

  30. It’s pretty easy - you just need an 80% average in your top 6 as well as an 80% in each of your prerequisites

  31. Hi! Since Queen’s only cares if you meet the cutoff, I recommend only retaking Advanced Functions if you don’t get the 80. If you do well on your exam (& hopefully you do!) and you’ll be able to get an 87 average, there’s no need to retake it.

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