I dont know what offer to accept! All of these are bad and I need help deciding

  1. Dude I completely understand how bad you feel since all these programs are terrible shit. Ngl you’re very screwed right now and will fail life at this rate. Take a gap year and try again next year. Good luck!

  2. thank you for the advice. i will take a gap year to start a multi million tech conglomerate while finding a cure for cancer

  3. Bro, the fact that you didn't get Waterloo Geomatics is why you're a failure. Despite your obvious shortcomings I would recommend Brock gender studies - it blows MIT through the roof.

  4. Honestly gender studies is where the money is, the rest of the options are all trash, choose brook.

  5. Ngl your situation is not that great. However, you should know more than the university and the program, it’s your hard work that matters. If you want you can still get great jobs at these universities, just gotta grind. Moreover, college isn’t the only option, thought of a taking a gap year?

  6. I mean harvard and waterloo of the south are kinda mid. congrats on brock gender studies, everyone i know was rejected bc of the 1% acceptance rate. go with brock for sure like that program is known worldwide and most gender studyiest tend to make like at least 500K starting salary

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