Engineering Decision Support - Detailed, Please Help Out.

  1. Go to UW bro….u still get some time off between terms and imposter syndrome is common for everyone so don’t think u ain’t good enough. I also made CE at UW this year but got rejected from every other program (even ones that require worse grades) and I too feel like I got very lucky but I guess u just gotta take the best opportunities thrown ur way. And u don’t wanna be living life with regrets sooooo

  2. Concerns that you won't make it are generally irrelevant, especially if your average is that high. Waterloo/UofT Engineering isn't some crazy difficult program to get through. It's absolutely difficult to get high grades (I.e. 85%+ average) but to be around the class average is not difficult at all, especially if you have a good work ethic and time management. Even the bottom of the class (provided they graduate) achieves what you wanted in your post - so I'd still choose one of those schools as it virtually guarantees you'll have some form of meaningful employment.

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