Where are all the Waterloo and Uoft CS rejects going?

  1. I got rejected from Waterloo CS and UofT CS but got into Waterloo math and UofT math. I accepted neither. Instead, I accepted Carleton CS thinking I'd get better CS education. Did I make the right decision? I feel like I'm regretting it a lot... Should I be worried?

  2. Waterloo now graduates students with a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science. Maybe you should contact UWat and find out if by accepting entrance into Math you could have opted for the latter? My gut check is the latter includes more math courses then the former but this is where it might be useful to speak with the uni and find out more.

  3. utm ccit Will try to apply for cs post after first year or try to transfer for cs to another university if possible. Even if I don’t get cs there is a new major called Technology, coding and society within iccit so will do that.

  4. Computer Engineering is one of the greatest degrees you can get and you're doing it at the best engineering school in Canada. A CE graduate can easily work in both hardware and software.

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