Transfer from Queens Commerce to Ryerson Business Management

  1. Only one year left and you want to transfer from what is probably in the top 2 best business programs in canada to a third tier just generally not as good business school?

  2. rankings don’t mean shit if you’re not happy. plus they don’t matter really at all depending on what industry you go into

  3. So you want to transfer for winter? Sorry dude, that’s not a thing. Unless BM is still taking applications, you won’t hear if you’ve been accepted to as late as mid September. And if it’s not taking applications, you won’t be able to start u til September 2023. You also will require a C average in your uni grades to transfer, and if you are considering getting transfer credits, you won’t be able to get them unless you received a minimum of a C grade in them. So you will most definitely need to retake courses if your GPA is crappy right now just to graduate, which will extend your undergrad. Ryerson does consider your high school grades more heavily though, so you will likely get in, but just think about how many transfer credits you’ll actually get.

  4. Totally understand your position, but as someone who found my current job in-class at Smith, I must implore you to think twice.

  5. Honestly, its one year. Just finish it. You may potentially regret this in the future, you have your entire life after school to live with family. At some point in your life, your going to move out, get married, grow up, trust me, once you get into the real world, your parents will grow old, you need to live on your own at some point and you also don’t want to regret leaving one of the top business schools in the country. 1 year left and then spend the next 10+ years at home, don’t switch.

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