Should I Switch Schools Just For Different Courses?!

  1. M22 student here. Didn't apply to CS/CFM but knew a lot of classmates that did. 2/3 of my IB cohort ended up going to Waterloo for CS/eng and I think IB helped them get in. The mark curve is also really generous and you should check out your adjustment factor to see if your school has a low one because I also think the low adjustment factor at my school played a factor. I think you should stick it out but senior of IB is really treacherous because you will be studying for exams, doing your IAs, TOK, EE and CAS (assuming you haven't done so already) and that could potentially lower your average.

  2. IB can help but I don’t think it was needed for UW CS in my case. A lot of the people at my school struggled because my school is particularly harsh and those who didn’t do IB actually had the higher proportion of acceptances. I did IB for like a month and then dropped because I felt I could maximize my grades in the regular academic program however if you’re confident then go ahead.

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