waterloo comp sci/engineering

  1. I'm in waterloo ce and I had 96. My ecs were normal, maybe had some plus for national championship award, but my interview was so terrible, not like those people who say 'oh i screwed this test' and gets 95 but actually screwed, so don't worry too much for the interview

  2. you can check out the admission stats on this spreadsheet that students make every year, theres also a graph out there that maps all the eng admission chances?

  3. i can't speak for cs but i got into computer engineering with an ib predicted of 42 (with both math aa and physics hl) - i think they really take ec's into consideration as well!

  4. I had a 96 average and got rejected from CS and CE. A friend had a 94 average and got accepted to CE but not CS. The friend had great extracurriculars.

  5. Got into CS this year, had a 96. I would highly recommend really working on your writing skills even if you have good marks.

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