What are some good majors other than computer science ?

  1. Avoid asking a bunch of high school students for career advice. Also 87% in a post-secondary diploma is not low at all and is actually pretty good. Are you saying you have a college diploma and want to transfer credits or?

  2. I am saying that i want to do a bachelors degree in computer science. With or without credit transfer. But most university cut offs are 90%. Is that 90% requirement only for grade 12 ? Is the cut off lower if you have a post secondary diploma ?

  3. Actuarial science. Number of incoming students is pretty low so the admission % isn’t insane, and you can probably pivot into CS later.

  4. Engineering and a comp science minor. Go to ryerson for that. You can take computer science as a minor

  5. Try regardless, I got into med Chem at Waterloo and biochem at UofT; Ottawa;Queens; Western and Carleton with a 82%. Just goes to show that you may get lucky when applying.

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