Nova 3 color from Best Buy

  1. Update: Spoke to level 2 Geek squad at Best Buy, after being behind them for 3 hours. It seems that BB sources it from the Russian Dealer, so updates are not what it should be if any.

  2. You'd likely still be able to download any future firmware files and install manually if OTA didn't get officially pushed to your device from Onyx.

  3. If this is the case, are there any other major differences between the Russian and Chinese versions that we should be aware of? I'm tempted to get the Note 3 color from BB for easier returns potentially, but I'm not sure if the version they're selling has other differences.

  4. There have been instances of Boox devices getting bricked when applying updates meant for the Chinese onyx boox model. Also the Russian version seems to have different software versions which missed some functionality.

  5. I was considering buying a Max Lumi 2 from best buy and I am really glad I saw your post. I think I will order from somewhere else.

  6. I purchased mine from ebay, how you can tell if it's from the russian one? It did get an update when I powered on

  7. It could also be the official version no way to tell as it is a resale That’s why I try to get any electronics right from the source only.

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