The Crew as a D&D party

  1. Lucius maybe a rogue/bard multiclass? He's not musical as far as we know but I feel like devastating putdowns are part of the bard skillset. And he definitely does some kind of charisma-based thing to Fang.

  2. Ha, this is fun, these are pretty good choices, especially Buttons as a druid and Stede as a paladin, brilliant. I'd maybe argue for making Ed... maybe an eldritch knight? He's not just a physical fighter but cleary has a thing for psychological fear and fantasy/mystical themes (the Kraken, the fuckery scene with the smoke etc.).

  3. Now I just need someone to write fanfiction where Stede hears of this "really fun game called Dungeons and Dragons," to which the crew all groans in annoyance, only to be shown in the next scene aggressively enjoying the game / arguing over what they should do to survive whatever scenario Stede comes up with.

  4. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for running with this with us. You obviously have a better depth of knowledge of D&D and I loooove your subclass selections.

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