Rhys on Bob's Burgers

  1. There are so many funny Kiwi-crew and Bob's Burgers crossovers. There's of course, Kristen Schaal who plays Louise in BB and Antoinette in OFMD (and was also Mel in Flight of the Conchords.)

  2. I would be unreasonably excited if he showed up as a pirate. I'm hoping for Jemaine to show up. I love how they show up in each other's projects so frequently. I just saw HBO max has FOTC streaming and I got so freaking excited; I haven't watched it in years.

  3. I love Duncan- and Rhys in general. He’s in so many shows as a voice actor I always instantly pick up on his voice. And honestly he should be in so many more shows - he’s hilarious.

  4. When I first saw the ep I was like, I know that voice... But never bothered to look up who it was. ADHD me teens to check out when the credits roll so in all this time I just never saw his name. And then when Stede started his speech about talking things through I was like IT'S DUNCAN!

  5. Bob's is my favorite show, and I haven't seen anyone talk about this. Rhys guest stars on a couple of episodes as Duncan, a cute but kind of dumb boy that Tina goes gaga over. Sometimes when Stede says certain words all I can hear is Duncan and it cracks me up. Somehow I didn't connect Duncan to Rhys until the first ep of OFMD???? Anyhow glad my old favorite and new favorite have this connection!

  6. On my very first watchthrough (like 30 watchthroughs ago lol), I kept saying "New Zealand!" every time Rhys spoke, immediately it was like, all I could hear.

  7. The other episode is season 9, episode 17. I actually like that one a little more as far as Duncan appearances go!

  8. I haven't watched that show but I've watched Voltron: Legendary Defender. I don't like to talk about it because I'm still scarred but I loved Coran!

  9. Oh my god I’ve seen bobs burgers so many times I can’t believe I never caught this!! Duncan is one of my favorite guest characters too!

  10. Oh fmy mfucking dgod aahahaha I’ve seen that buttle rubbies clip before but didn’t realize it was Rhys and had never seen the rest!!!

  11. I love it how most of the NZ vernacular is actual NZ vernacular, but there's about 1/3 of it which is completely made up. Curious about whether anyone not from NZ (or Australia) can tell the difference.

  12. Omg my sister and I love Bob’s Burgers and watch and re-watch it all the time! Now I know what episodes we will watch tonight!

  13. It also drives me nuts watching OFMD and just hearing "Want me to twist off a chestie for ya? Here you go, there's a good one." or else "Coran Coran the Handsome Man!"

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