I'm obsessed with mirrors in ofmd >!Spoiler!<

  1. Yes, this is great! I also noticed that the first time we see Ed with the red silk, he thinks of his mother telling him he doesn't deserve fine things. However, in the moments before Ed lets it fly away, the memory is replaced with the moment with Stede under the moonlight. He's replaced the memory/significance of the silk with Stede, which is why he has to let it go. (Just my interpretation.)

  2. I think it's interesting that Ed's Kraken side is what he reverts to when wounded, but in a (albeit somewhat symbolic) way, Stede has met this person, who is also Ed. And is delighted and saved by him. Makes me giddy for S2 reunion possibilities.

  3. Damn, I had noticed there was that thing with the mirrors but didn't push the analysis further, thanks ! 🌟

  4. I'm glad you liked it! My husband asked me to expand on my last sentence and I talked for another 20 minutes so I feel like I had more to add but that can be another post I suppose lol

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