What's your ideas to nerf,rework,Change Brig in the game?

  1. Actually though, a riot shield + pistol combo is pretty cool. Brig has no way to deal with someone outside her whip range, just give her a derringer or something that can come out the top of her mace like little versions of Torb's left click. Low damage, low capacity, whip shot while holding your shield out.

  2. Get rid of the way her shield gets smaller near her feet and slightly increase its horizontal size. I’ve died too many times to her legs sticking past her shield

  3. All the other buffs are terrible, she doesn't need a buff. This is needed because how bad it feels to be hit by things you thought you shielded.

  4. Feel bad bc I upvoted jokey comments above this, but this change actually sounds intriguing and I’d love to play that kind of character

  5. I second this! Or some sort of reduction of cool down or healing to make it feel like you can always throw people a pack.

  6. I would just nix her healing packs altogether. Just let her inspire be constantly on but weaker, and hitting people just supercharges it for a few seconds.

  7. I think the point is that she is supposed to have low healing output from her healing packs and to use them sparingly. All her healing comes from inspire. Giving her more packs would make her feel like a boring heal bot.

  8. Make it so that the repair pack does main healing on a selected target then it spread out an aoe heal which is weaker kinda got the idea of Valk tether beam

  9. Give her a damage blocked coverts to health pack cooldown replenishment. Stays on normal cool down but damage blocked in fixed amounts "resets" a health pack cooldown.

  10. I'd like to see her have more mobility options so she can slip in and out of melee, giving her more reliable uptime on both her dps and her passive.

  11. I thought this too, it feels so right to, some vertical mobility would be pretty great. Somewhere of a distance between rocket jump and Ashe'e gun thing.

  12. Overwatch 2 Brigitte felt really good, I would agree though with the shield buffs specifically getting rid of speed reduction, making it be available a little faster after breaking, and slightly more health. There are some neat pack buff ideas but I don’t think both are necessary, one or the other honestly and I think the shield is more necessary for survival

  13. honestly, i'd just increase the size and health of the barrier a bit to help her peel a bit better, but also, more surface area also means it's easier to hit the shield.

  14. I think she needs the 25 armor back. She felt amazing at 175 health 50 armor. She didn’t die as fast and could get more mileage out of her self heal from inspire. She cannot keep her shield up constantly or it will get shredded. You have to be strategic with it an flash it to block things like flash bang, micro missiles, hook, etc.

  15. Lmao yeah some of the worst possible balance takes are being upvoted. I saw someone claiming Moira and bap were better at healing echo and pharah than brig 💀

  16. Honestly? Not a bad idea. Maybe a sword that is ONLY for damage. Not alot, but it sacrifices inspire for damage. That way she can't be bullied so hard.

  17. Two uses would be amazing because I feel 250 shield is not enough to get up close to proc/activate inspire often enough

  18. Lots of potentially breaking and previously tried ideas in this thread, but this one hasn’t been tried AFAIK and has a lot of potential. Missing that one whip shot is pretty devastating at times.

  19. Let her "hold" the whip out after you use it, and then you can swing it around for more attack range for skill expression and the LAWLs.

  20. Give bash a mini stun in OW2. She feels weird without something deterring enemies from getting up close and personal.

  21. Agreed. Make her bash a small snare. Doesn't cancel abilities, but slows down opponents. She's a little bit too toothless in ow2 now.

  22. The entire point of her in ow2 is that everything has a boop now. You cant get close and personal lol.

  23. 300HP barrier, remove -30% speed penalty while shielding, also revert time after shield break to start regenerating its hp from 5s back to 3s, one repair kit that's instant healing like old times instead of three over time ones

  24. Give her armor overhealing back, or maybe if adding extra health is too much, temporarily replace normal health with fortified armor health Shes an armorer not a medic

  25. Removing the speed penalty would make her even more oppressive against other characters imo. Brig is one of those characters where the line between balanced and broken(either op or under powered) is very thin.

  26. I agree with a slightly fatter shield and regular move speed while shielding. She is supposed to be an agile squire compared to Rein who is the bulky knight dude.

  27. Shield needs more health and a wider mechanical hurtbox in Overwatch 2. It really sucks not having the stun to interrupt abilities though. Other than that she's okish - kinda wish you could deal damage to shorten pack cooldown.

  28. Brigitte's shield is so unreliable, there's a small animation time between the moment you press the button and the moment the shield is up, and also her shield is just too small, it's literally impossible to block a Shatter or a hook unless you were already shielding for 1 second, even if you see it coming and right click before you get hit it's usually already too late.

  29. She felt amazing to play as and against in ow2. Removing the stun and buffing her mobility and damage were on point. Still dangerous to flankers, feels powerful, isn't able to cancel or block every ult in the game.

  30. They took out the stun in ow2 beta and I see why. Current kit flail throw boops and shield bash stuns. I believe it should be the other way around. Flail throw should stun and shield bash should boop. The stun should be tied to a skill shot and brig should be rewarded for hitting it. Only benefit right now is you gain healing aura on that hit. It could help her close the gap between her and ranged foes but maintaining the exact kit we have now. Enemy too close and you want them away? Shield up and bash/boop would help with a survivability for sure. Only problem is I don’t know how this would mesh into current build ow. I’ve had this thought since she was released. It makes no sense for a skill shot to punish the player using it as-well as the enemy, flail throw boops are way too situational and endorse the fight but far away idea and that’s not who brigs character is.

  31. I like this. I'm always trying to hit Whip Shot to keep Inspire up but it sometimes unintentionally comes at the cost of pushing an enemy away from Rein/Reaper/Hog who could've potentially gotten a pick. Boops are super situational, but with her current kit random boops are tied to keeping Inspire up which is critical to her being an effective healer. Being stunned is generally way more dangerous than being booped, I like the idea of it being tied to a skill shot and having the boop be an easier hit for when you've got enemies in your face and are trying to survive

  32. They nerfed most hard CCs in the game outside of ultimate. Think about it. The longest CC that isn't an ultimate in the game is Ana's dart.

  33. Good god no whip shot would be horribly overpowered then, imagine stunning a tank or support as a dive hero went in, FROM RANGE

  34. Deadeye has killed me as brig a couple times even with the shield up and no teammate behind me. Shield didn't eat the bullet. Not sure if that's intentional or not.

  35. Yeah this is why removing that much CC is wrong. You just shouldn't be able to use deadeye in the middle of the enemy team and not get punished.

  36. Tell the whiny dps she is fine in her current OW1 state. Or ya know, keep nerfing support and increase dps queue times even more...

  37. Brig really doesn't need changing that much, people still seem to be hyperfocused on her because she used to be crazy unbalanced, but now she's kinda fine, if a little weak

  38. I have some crazy ideas. I want to say I think brig is in a pretty good spot now so don't come after me. These are mostly just some fun ideas. Seriously, this is just for fun.

  39. New idea for whiplash, if you press it once and let go it just whips like usual, but if you hold shift she will swing it above her head like a helicopter and she can fly away.

  40. The ability to pull teammates to you just opens the door to more trolling opportunities, so I don't think that would be a good idea, as fun as it sounds to yank an over extending dps back to the team.

  41. Up her movespeed with the barrier, not quite full speed but a bit less penalty. I liked the 6 pack experimental where the flail was only self healing and she just threw packs around. Maybe take a second off pack cooldown when she lands a whip shot.

  42. Give her more HP. it doesnt make sense that a woman wearing such a heavy armor but having less health than for example symmetra, who is basically half-naked.

  43. Lean into having her be able to peel for teammates. Shield bash now boops enemies back. Shield bash>whipshot punts an enemy even farther.

  44. It feels like Brig is at the point she should have been at launch which was a support bodyguard because of her design. They're talking about changing her ult and it feels unfortunate that the Lindholms just aren't able to give out any form of armor, even on a cooldown because it seems too strong for many. Feels like it takes away something from them and the new Rally is just beat that keeps restacking while the ult is up. I would like to see her get a unique defensive ult.

  45. Played her in the OW2 beta a bunch. She’s completely viable again. I used to play her a lot when she was new, but post nerf she was nothing. Now the CD’s are so well timed that u can shield bash and use your hook shot then shield bash almost instantly again.

  46. I would make it so that she stops targeting full health players with the health packs. I can't stand to play her any more because of it

  47. Since OW2 has less shields and fights are more open, Brig's primary needs to have longer range. Getting close enough to consistently keep Inspire up is a death sentence.

  48. I dont know. I feel like i have had a much easier time keeping it up. less barriers means i can rocket the flail in and actually hit someone for once.

  49. Brig needs her 250hp back I think at 250hp she would be perfect now she would be the perfect brawler and can hold herself much better against a 1v1 brawl against dps and even tanks

  50. She was great in the beta. She is not completely busted but she is still a really good hero and fun to play! No changes needed.

  51. Nerf?? still?? People still think she needs to be nerfed? She's barely a shadow of her former launch-time self :(

  52. She used to do everything… now she does practically nothing… It’s sad really. I’d make her have armour packs again personally because her healing sucks

  53. Brigs doesn't need nurfing, she's a healer that needs healing! I get it she's anti divers but give her some regen or self healing abilities, she's a sitting duck against ranged

  54. She has auto health regen like every other support in the game along with her passive whether she’s in the fight or out of the fight, she’s healing. The fact that range counters her isn’t an issue. Range counters a lot of characters, should we buff every character that is countered by a range character? No, because counter play is a huge part of overwatch.

  55. Holy fuck reading all these people trying to list buffs for this character is such an embarrassing indictment on this sub's game knowledge

  56. I like her main kit but I feel like she maybe need more ways to heal mid battle when yoy can't get near the enemy or the moments when you want to heal trash damage, her ultimate need to have more value mid battle it don't worth much if the ultimate can't helps me survive a grav or dragon.

  57. Imo brig is in a perfect state in OW2 with my only complaint being that rally is a lot weaker now with the overhealth changes. Certainly doesn’t need a nerf. Im convinced people who think shes bad just don’t understand that she had to be played patiently. Enemy orisa spinning into you? Dash backwards. JQ rushing you? Flailshot and keepaway. Rein charging/doom punching your team around? Shield bash into it and trust your team to erase them during the knockdown with the longest stun in the game outside of dart and ults. Playing her is never boring in OW2

  58. Supports have an ability like that in ffxiv, the amount of trolling with it in an mmo where you usually group up with friend is already nuts, and its on like a 5 min cooldown or something. Now imagine getting pulled off the map, into an aoe or into the enemy team but like every 30 seconds at least lmao. I really like the idea in a concept but I don't trust randos to not troll with it unfortunately.

  59. Entire new design imo, get rid of her weapons, give her engineer tools, maybe give her torb's old armor packs ability

  60. Release of brig was like catalyst that set off so many bad balancing and design choices that OW1 never recovered from

  61. Why not give her a new ability similar to her dad's, but they're like healing towers that provide AOE heals and can be destroyed. Or maybe they provide up to 100 or so temp shield hp for teammates in its area so it's like light heals.

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