Does anyone else get this?

  1. Ohhh yeah. One of many reasons of a long long list why I will isolate and not want to leave the house during luteal. It stresses me out.

  2. I was just recently diagnosed with PMDD and I’m still bamboozled. I thought the devil just inhabited my body for the week-week and a half before my period. 🤣This post is spot on, I bought new clothes 3 weeks ago and decided to try and wear them this last week (started my period today!) and I wanted to throw them away. I was so angry at myself that I thought I could pull them off when I ordered them. I’ll just wait till next week when I’m feeling myself again 😭

  3. Yes this!! I was going to wear a pair of jeans I bought a couple weeks ago that I loved when I tried them on. Put them on yesterday and thought they looked horrible & was so mad I bought them. Lol

  4. Absolutely! The strangest way I know my period is coming is that I can't get my eyebrows right for a few days in a row and I angry cry over it

  5. Yes i feel like my body does swell up with sooo much water. My jeans are a size 16 and they are tight when im bloated, they are loose on me and i need a belt before ovulation... after ovulating its just waterballoon mode.

  6. Yes! It is super exhausting, as you said. Personally, sometimes when I’m going through outfits, I feel like I’m “out of control” and can’t stop myself from trying on so many.

  7. Omg yes. I end up with a really bad head ache from the stress of trying to look half decent. And the after math of trying on 10 different outfits - my place looks like a tornado blew through it 😭😭

  8. Yes this EXACT thing happens to me. Before I used to track my period, when this happened would be how I knew I was about to get my period. LOL.

  9. And I hate to say it but it gets worse as you get older. What you're explaining reminds me of me 20 years ago. Now it's much much more intense.

  10. I'm 30. I'm scared shitless that things are going to get worse. SSRIs seem to be working alright; symptoms are a lot less intense, but I'm just... scared. About myself, about the future, about treatment, in that maybe it's not working as well as I think or maybe it won't completely go away at all.

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