Ever wonder about the greatness you could reach if you didn't feel anxious, depressed, suicidal, and angry for half the month? Wanna tie my fucking tubes sometimes

  1. Currently pregnant and the last 9 months have been the most productive of my career. I've felt confident, clear-headed and completely capable to hold my own with colleagues and seniors. I can't believe some people feel like this all of the time. Terrified of what's coming postpartum and -breastfeeding.

  2. I LOVE reading ALL of THIS RIGHT NOW! Thanks for being vulnerable. I am IN IT so FUCKIN HARD right now I can’t even…. It helps me feel hopeful and understood ❤️‍🩹🖤

  3. every fucking day. I used to compare how I felt to a game of chutes and ladders. I make a ton of progress when I’m feeling myself and then slide way down into lethargy, suicidal thoughts, and barely being able to take care of everyday needs. shit’s rough.

  4. I wonder allll the time. Once I go back to feeling better for 2 weeks, I wonder how successful I could have already been/could become if only I stay feeling like I do in the follicular phase

  5. Ovulation week is the time I feel normal and I had Covid that week :/ so frustrating. Have to wait an entire month now. Wish it wasn’t once per month

  6. Do you mind sharing your age you started taking this treatment? And did they make you try all sorts of other treatments before offering you thus one?

  7. Did you do chemical menopause long term? I’m looking into this option this year but am not sure if it’s a trial to see if I want to move forward with surgical menopause or if chemical menopause could work for me long term to avoid surgery.

  8. Ugh, yes. I can't believe how productive I am when I actually feel like a human being. I feel like most of my "good days" are spent just picking up the pieces after hell week and establishing myself into a routine again. By time time the train gets rolling, it's ovulation time. I wonder how much shit I could get done if I felt good all the time instead of only having a 3-7 day window every month.

  9. Yup, tubes tied for almost 20 yrs but I still spend a significant chunk of the month fighting incandescent rage.

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