do u grow more introverted in the week/s leading up to your period?

  1. I just came to this sub to find a post that says something like “do you want to be left the f alone during pms”. ALONE TIME I WANT ALONE TIME

  2. I'm a severe introvert to start with. My number of social spoons sharply decreases during the luteal phase and I just want people to leave me the fuck alone.

  3. Yeah, I disappear from earth for a week or two. My friends and family get worried, and every month I explain that I’m hormonal and want to be left alone

  4. I'm an introvert that definitely retreats into myself when my moods are ragey or weepy (hello, luteal phase). I get overly talkative if I get manic during my cycle. I have regular girl time with a couple good friends that take me as I am. That definitely helps.

  5. I do get a lot more anxious, which bleeds into my social life as well. My anxiety makes me want to stay at home and not talk to people.

  6. I don’t know if I could get anymore introverted than I normally am which doesn’t usually bother me, except for a week and a 1/2 before my period I care enough for a lifetime all at once.

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