Ps4 game with great replay value? [Single player only]

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  2. I’m 47 years old and if God wants me to live to 80 I’d still play some Red Dead Redemption. Sometimes I play the story. Some times i play the good guy. Sometime’s I rob trains. Some days I just ride up into the mountains and hunt

  3. I legit opened this game today after a long time, I was in Chapter 2 on my 3rd Playthrough when I stopped playing so the game loaded and I spawned in the green fields of Heartlands.

  4. Yup... I had to take a break from RDR2 but it's exactly whatever game you want it to be that day (cowboy themed, of course). Want a hunting/fishing/outdoor sim? How about a shooter? Racing (horses)? Be the bad guy? Just go exploring? Unlockables? Search for aliens? Loot galore? Challenges?

  5. Yah take my upvote. This is the only game I didn’t actively fast travel once I could. I was like “nah I’m going to slow trot to Chuparosa. It’s a lovely evening”

  6. I tried 2 times over the years to play this game but always got distracted by another game. Until this past Friday when I decided to hook up my Xbox one x and finally play through rdr2. I am now on chapter 3 and it's one of the best games I've ever played. Having loved all of rockstar games previous gta series and the 1st rdr, this game is just phenomenal. There are things that happen in this game that I didn't even know were possible and it's going on 4 years old.

  7. I feel that I have given almost every RPG their due time. Rdr2 is the best game I've ever played hands down. This for sure

  8. I get lost in the game and just do whatever happens... Help strangers...hunt. one time I came across a train robbery at random... Had it since launch and never done that.

  9. I've been playing it since launch. I only have the afterbirth dlc but I am constantly coming back to this game. I have to have close to 1000 hours by now. It was the first game I downloaded when I got my PS5

  10. Wildly agree. I only have it on PC (&completed everything) for now, but it’s one I want to plat on PS. I’ve played hours and hours past completion just because it’s a fucking good game that can be picked up whenever.

  11. If Binding of Isaac’s setting or content aren’t to your liking, then I’d recommend Enter the Gungeon. Similar gameplay, but you can shoot in any direction and dodge roll. It replaces the bloody biblical setting with a futuristic cursed temple that is entirely based around guns.

  12. Aye, I've been playing Elden Ring non-stop ever since release. By far a genre, and a decade defining game that many games will be measured up against far into the future.

  13. I'm 180hrs into my first play through and both excited to see the next 40hrs of endgame and start a new run with a different build.

  14. A few days after Elden Ring came out I was pretty tired and was suggesting to my partner that he play it while I cook dinner. I called it “Old Ring” a few times before I realised what I was saying.

  15. God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Diablo 3, Witcher 3, Spiderman, No Man's Sky, Fallout 4, Borderlands 3, Dragonage Inquisition, Mass Effect LE, Skyrim

  16. I would recommend him playing all of them in order. Whenever there is a sale get the next game or the next 2 and just keep going through the big story. They feel like seasons of a really nice tv show, there is a bit of a dip in quality in the middle because those are older and not remastered but they're still great.

  17. Bloodborne is the reason I bought a PS4, it definitely has a lot of replay value but is a little difficult, there are online options but they are far from required to enjoy the game

  18. I guess the devil may cry games. Especially 5, since you have 4 characters, some missions can be played with different characters. Bloody palace mode, a load of difficulties, a little place to practice combos, and some little stuff like costumes, different music choices and some intel on characters. Only little stuff yeah but it adds up

  19. Man that game is such a diamond in the rough. It was poorly received because a lot of people saw it as an open world The Last of Us rip off but it shines so bright in its own way. The voice acting in particular was phenomenal, the way Deacon mumbles and grumbles under his breath, like a person psyching themself up for a fight to the death at the end of the world. So good.

  20. I just got Horizon Zero Dawn for lik $10 from the PS store. Heard a lot of good things about it and so far so good. Hints of Last of Us, God of War, Breath of the Wild, and Far Cry.

  21. HZD is one of my favourite PS4 games but it has no replay value once you’ve done everything outside of trying a harder difficulty.

  22. HZD is amazing but I think the replayability is a bit limited in my opinion. The story really carries the game and once you know the twists maybe one more playthrough for the foreshadowing really did it for me.

  23. Replay value is a questionable metric. Minesweeper had great replay value. I played that so many times. I’ve only played through The Witcher 3 once (with DLC). I would happily play The Witcher 3 a second time, but my poor backlog.

  24. The new hitman trilogy has INSANE replay value, every map can be approached in nearly infinite ways. I'm over 400 hours in and I still find things I didn't know about sometimes

  25. I was a huge fan of the originals , this new trilogy is even better. Playing through 2 right now, but it's" hard" to progress because you just Wana play every level over and over again.

  26. RDR as well as any of the newer Assasins creed games like Odessy and Valhalla. Replay value is high since each decision you make can change the progress and ending of the game.

  27. No Man’s Sky may have launched as a hot mess, but it is a freaking PHENOMENAL game now! I would recommend it to anyone who loves the sense of adventure and exploration, considering the universe is more or less infinite and there’s SOOOO much stuff to do!

  28. This is my answer, as well. It's not for everyone, but I've put more hours into NMS than any other single game, I just love the atmosphere.

  29. This is one of my answers too. I've logged over 1000 hours since launch, and never play any of the multiplayer stuff. I'm glad they added it for players who wanted it, but I've got more than enough to do bopping around space solo.

  30. Monster Hunter World/Iceborne. (It has multiplayer elements, but you can solo the entire game) Get ready to lose your life to that shit.

  31. Just cause 3 & 4 are like gta and gmod fused together, you can shoot and blow up everything (including the trains) and you can spawn vehicles out of nowehere almost whenever you want

  32. Hades is always fun to come back to, and once you finish the game the first time you’ll unlock game modifiers to make the more fun/difficult

  33. For me, Far Cry 4 has a ton of replay ability and you can redo the story in a different way resulting in different things happening on the map. Tons of fun, great story missions and super fun to mess around in

  34. Dragon Age Inquisition. I did at least nine full playthroughs trying out different romance/character options, then a final "perfect" playthrough.

  35. That depends on what you mean by new games. If you mean new to you I would suggest: fallout 4, god of war, the outer worlds, infamous second son, red dead redemption 1+2. If you mean new releases I couldn't say, I don't usually buy games until they hit the cheap bastard section. Hope this helps, and good gaming!

  36. Play devil may cry 5, very replayable, multiple difficultys that don't just change the numbers, characters to master, bonus arena mode, it feels Great to come back to, if you aren't good at character action, ace combat 7 is mighty replayable as well, all the different planes you can unlock, with their own special weapons, if you want replay value, these two are my top pick

  37. Devil may cry 5, it has tons of replay value with 6 difficulties so you can get better at the stylish hack and slash combat as you go through them. It’s in my top 3 games of all time easily

  38. I’d actually recommend the 2013 Reboot. As bad as the story is in that game, the combat is actually REALLY crisp and is definitely worth the playthrough if you look at the story like it doesn’t exist and just boss rush through the game. Not to mention, the soundtrack is just insanely good.

  39. Elder Scrolls Online has loads of content and although the end game activities are designed for online you can get 100hs of hours solo play out of the content.

  40. I would recommend Ghost of Tsushima. It's open world like GTA and RDR. I personally haven't played it but I have seen gameplay before. It pretty much fits your description.

  41. RDR2, God of War, Witcher 3 Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, Ghost of Tsushima. All awesome single player Open word games with plenty of replay ability

  42. Resident Evil Village. Played 3 times to unlock the extra weapons and beat it a fourth time just to use them. And I still need to unlock one more. Amazingly fun game with a really good story imo

  43. Ghost of Tsushima is a 10/10 game in my opinion. Combat is easier than the fromsoftware games mentioned, and I’ve probably sunk a good 75 hours into it

  44. Borderlands the handsome collection. This is my favorite game of all time. It has hundreds to thousands (personally thousands) of hours of content and im pretty sure you can get it for about 10-20 dollars.

  45. Ghost of Tsushima is fantastic. One of my favorite games of all time with good replay value and lots to explore. Surprised it isn’t being mentioned here more.

  46. Persona 5 Dragon quest XI Final Fantasy 7 remake Horizon Zero Dawn Horizon Forbidden West Red Dead Redemption 2 Kingdom hearts series

  47. Monster hunter world should be top of this list. Literal endless replay value. There is so much content, it’s crazy. If you want to more than double the content of the base game, grab iceborne also. It’s a great game, played solo.

  48. -Assassin’s Creed series, Odyssey and Black Flag are my favorites. -Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age -Final Fantasy 7R and 12 -God of War -The Witcher 3

  49. Minecraft, has a singleplayer mode Mass effect trilogy ive played through at least 4 times Skyrim and witcher 3 (who needs replay value when first play is so long)

  50. Elden Ring. Singleplayer or multiplayer, your choice. Many endings, items, spells and equipment to experiment with, you can sink thousands of hours. I already have, playing offline.

  51. Honestly I’d have to say Elden Ring because of the replay value, and the amazing gameplay/exploration that allows for hundreds of hours in a single run.

  52. Id recommend the new set of assassins creed games. Ive only played origins thus far (though i own odyssey as well) but ive sunk nearly 100 hours into it and am just now getting into the meat of the DLC zones. You can certainly sink over 75 hours into it and never run out of things to do.

  53. Any BioWare game where you can play the game again as a different class and/or get a different ending by making different decisions: kotor, mass effect, dragon age, all great single player games you can easily spend 100+ hours on

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