Clay dog message?

  1. I’ve been hoping for signs from those who have passed, both human and pet. If that would have happened to me I would be elated with joy. That is too much to be a coincidence. That is a sign.

  2. Could it be your mom or other family? They might see how the loss of your dog influenced you and try to give you some consolation this way?

  3. I always had this "philosophy" that the world doesn't really make any sense, it's basically a chaos that we're unwillingly put in, forced to overthink it and look for the patterns, because our brains are built this way. So if I see a coincidence or any other line of events that some people label as "a sign", I don't really feel happy or sad about. It's just a curious thing that some cosmic force has put in my way.

  4. Thank you. If you havent taken lsd you should. You speak as if you have had philosophical enlightenment from it. Matter of fact everyone should do lsd or shrooms atleast once

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