Gamer moms?

  1. Correction: you’re a great mom too! (Your other 2 mom examples were “great” yet you called yourself “good”). 🙂

  2. I love this! My husband and I both game casually (PS4, Switch) and we have a 5 week old. With all of the talk about limiting screen time, we are still thinking about when we would introduce games to our LO.

  3. I love this! I’m a baker, gamer, writer, whisky drinker, DIY-er, and I’m doing my absolute best, just like the rest of us. ❤️

  4. Not a mom nor eligible for the positions, but to tack on more great moms doing great momming - my mom quilts, to the extent that she runs a business making quilt patters so she also does that. She's also taught quilting classes before, sometimes even put together entire retreats. She rollerblades, she hikes, she kayaks and paddleboards. She was always the crafty mom but she cannot cook for absolute shit - we used to consider the smoke alarm the dinner bell and the siblings and I have got a variety of stories that get exchanged with anybody we please about soup with horrific amounts of garlic salt in it and such. She's a great mom!

  5. Being a mom doesn't mean you have to stop being who you are. Plenty of moms in my generation (older Millennial) enjoy video gaming, listen to heavy metal music, have tattoos, etc. All the things traditionally frowned on for women. Don't let the patriarchy dictate your interests. The best thing you can do for your kids is to not bend to becoming a stereotypical suburban housewife, if that isn't what you want to be. Your kids will be fine as long as you aren't ignoring your parenting duties all day every day to game instead (that would be neglect, even if you were abandoning your parenting duties to garden all day or something).

  6. As a mom who plays video games, listens to metal, and has tattoos and piercings I think you’re fine. Being a mom doesn’t mean giving up your own identity and passions! As long as you’re loving and caring for your child you’re doing great

  7. I’m a stepmom (bio-mom-to-be sometime this month!!) and playing video games with my stepsons is a big bonding experience! Every night we have them, before they go to bed we all sit together and have a snack and either my husband or I play a story-based video game for them while they settle down. We’ve gone through lots of cute indie games! I got a rare, unsolicited “I love you” from my oldest stepson, who said “if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be playing Zelda Windwaker and I really like this game!!” Lol I’ll take it!

  8. This is the how I feel about it as well! I love playing video games occasionally, I wouldn't consider myself an avid gamer, but I have an NES and an N64 I'll get out to play retro games, and I got us a switch for Christmas a couple of years ago. My daughter loves playing Zelda BOTW with me and even dressed up as Zelda for Halloween! My son is obsessed with Mario Kart 8 and always chooses that when it's his turn.

  9. Well, in our house we all 3 game, listen to metal, my 8 y/o son plays the drums, I ride horses, etc. These days I mostly play low conflict, peaceful games because it's honestly good for my mental health, but not always. Kid and Husband play Overwatch, Monster Hunter, LoL, Borderlands, etc. Our video game budget is intense.

  10. No. It’s important for your kids watch you pursue the hobbies that you enjoy. It’s good for them to see that you (especially as the mom) have a life outside of them.

  11. Hi! I have a renewed love for my Nintendo switch since having a baby - I can play it in handheld mode while she naps in my arms, it’s awesome!

  12. I bake AND play video games. I was a “scene kid” back in the early 2000’s and honestly still listen to all kinds of metal/ hardcore music. Still have my piercings and tattoos. As long as your kids are loved and taken care of- literally who gives a shit what other people think.

  13. Yep! My son hit the jackpot on gaming parents! We are proud of it. My son is 13 now in a few weeks. I honestly think it’s a great advantage. The reason is because as gamers we completely understand what is out there in the online gaming community. My son is completely aware of online safety and often times if there is a little one in the group he will take them under his wing and include them. He also really wants a new gaming PC. I am proud of him because he is saving money for one. We have all the systems including the oculus. He has loads of friends at school and all of them game too. Recently he started using discord. This also gives us an advantage as discord users ourselves. We have a saying in our house, “A family that games together, stays together!” Whether that’s board games or video games. 😉

  14. Another bonus is that it has been a great way for kids to stay connected to their friends during a world-wide pandemic. We aren't gamers but my daughter is and during the early stages of the pandemic, playing games online kept her social while also being safe. She could connect with her friends doing something she loves. The group still gets together online regularly and my daughter hopes to continue it when they all go away to college this fall. My son is my high energy extrovert and has never been a huge gamer (dude doesn't sit still long enough) but even he started playing more often in 2020 as a way to still interact with friends after everything got shut down.

  15. My family all has Nintendo switches (I’ve been playing video games since I was born basically but I’ve always favored Nintendo… I’m 31). I played GW2 for 4 years when my daughter was little but fell out of that. My daughter is almost 7 and we love playing Splatoon, Animal Crossing, Goose Game, and other games together. She plays minecraft with her 3 Uncles and Aunt that are 12, 15, and 18. My husband plays Minecraft with her too. Nothing wrong with video games.

  16. Not only is it OK for your kids to be into gaming and playing drums and listening to metal, it's fucking great. Kids are just people. And when they end up liking the same stuff as you, it is really fun to hang out with them. Being around people who enjoy the same stuff as you is awesome. And if your kids aren't exposed to the things you love, the would miss out on the opportunity to (possibly) enjoy them as well. It would be such a tragedy for you to abandon the things you love because of other people's opinions about them --- or even worse, your perception of other people's opinions about them. Would you want your kids to walk away from things they enjoy because of what other people thought? Hell no. So don't do that yourself.

  17. i'm a gamer mom and my son loves video games - still is a well-rounded kid who enjoys other "normal" kid stuff, too. he only can game after he's gotten essentials done and he knows this. he is 6.

  18. I'm a mom and my partner and I both game. We have a 2 year old. Dad is more into it than me but I do play the witcher 3 and zelda. Shes going to be a nerd, she tries to steal the gameboy now, she likes to go around in circles on animal crossing. As far as we can tell there has been no developmental problems. She JUST turned 2, knows her colors, body parts, count to 10, sings the melody to abcs, knows sooo many animal sounds, almost potty trained. When she consumes media we are there and we explain things, we don't just let her zone out. But shes the sweetest, no aggression, she has an imagination, listens to directions. She did once yell daddy to a guy in a Mario shirt at Sam's Club, a bit embarrassing but mostly funny. I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. And we're excited to play with her one day.

  19. Gestational parent, not a mom, but point stands. I game too. I've had one kid on each boob with a controller in my hand. They arent too interested. So, I say it depends on the kid. They witness my brother playing a shit ton and only show minor interest.

  20. I game with my 6 year old all the time. I also make sure that I am setting healthy boundaries by only playing for an hour or so after chores/homework and also making sure we take breaks to play outside and socialize with others.

  21. My son is 7 and I am not big into gaming but I work full time and I am a computer programmer. I don't see any reason at all why the hobby would be a negative impact. As a programmer and a person who enjoys video games, I am devastated by the lack of video game playing by girls. Even my own progressive relatives buy video game systems for a boy and not the girl. (I think it should be a family purchase at least the first few systems).

  22. Hey! I bought myself a switch for Christmas too. Both my ex and I are into gaming. My kids love playing games with both of us and my eldest has grown up sitting on her dads lap while her dad plays games. She is 7 and she’s won her first Fortnite tournament recently. I have played against her and she’s very close to kicking my arse every time. 😂

  23. Every mom is different! I’m a weirdo hippy homeschool mom and my kids have a much different childhood experience than other children, and I really don’t care!

  24. I’m a mom and I play games (maybe not as avidly as you do but I definitely love a video game now and then). I really don’t see why you should switch hobby’s just because you have kids. Like… maybe don’t play GTA around them or game all day while brushing off their needs. But if you can show them how you incorporate games in your life while still being a productive member of society, I think that’s awesome. To me the negative judgment around games is really unnecessary.

  25. Honestly, it’s great that you have a hobby! As long as you can model good boundaries and stuff like that, this will probably be a wonderful thing for your daughter to see. I didn’t really see my mom work on hobbies she truly enjoyed growing up and it makes it kind of hard to know how hobbies work.

  26. I knit, cross stitch and game! I play COD with my husband almost every evening after the kids go to bed. But they’ve seen me play all sorts of games. I think it would be worse and send a more negative message to hide my gaming from my kids. Especially since my husband games when they’re up. Why should I hide my gaming? That sends a message of girls/women/moms shouldn’t be gaming.

  27. Gamer Mom here. My oldest got a Wii when he was around 5. It was the most fun for the 2 of us to play together. Years of great memories. He's still an avid gamer as am I. I get criticized that he doesn't spend enough time outside, but he's happy. He also gets straight As. My youngest child is currently noticing we game and gets to hold a controller.

  28. I always get upset when people dismiss video games. My husband is literally a game designer and feeds our family of five on his passionate love for video games. Who is to say your daughter won't grow up loving this stuff and make a career out of it? My four year old is an avid little gamer. He solves puzzles and beats bosses I can't even beat. You can't tell me there is no value to that for his little brain. All the problem solving and motor skills and memory and figuring out how the game works without any major guidance from us? Come on.

  29. My 2 year old just caught a fish in Animal Crossing and wouldn't stop raving about it and I was like... how. in. the. world...? I was shocked. It's wonderful.

  30. It’s internalized misogyny, OP. Our patriarchal society tells you how women are “supposed” to behave, look, etc and it’s so easy to believe these messages! But now that you’ve identified a false belief (“moms have to bake, do arts and crafts…”) you can start to challenge it (why do I believe this? Is it true? What examples prove that it isn’t true?) and you can make sure you don’t unknowingly pass these beliefs on to your kiddo(s).

  31. lol i know it sounds so wrong but in my community here no one has similar interests with me they all just talk about what they cook for dinner so forgive me if it comes out sexist, in fact i am the one who feels that i am not a good mom since i don't know how to bake...

  32. Definitely yes. I play games (mostly PS5) pretty much every day, always have and probably always will.

  33. I think you’ll probably be more disappointed that she may get into baking, arts and craft and the like. It seems like whatever our mothers do is uncool and kids do the exact opposite.

  34. I can’t speak from a future stand point, but I currently have a 2 yo and another on the way. Partner and I are both gamers as well (PC, PS4, Switch). I try to do most of my gaming when he’s sleeping as well, but the odd time we will play something when he’s awake.

  35. Do you want to be friends? Haha. I also have a 2 year old and while I do things like read and craft I also love to play video games and build Gundam. My husband is also a big gamer too and we want our 2 year old to see us doing things we enjoy and having a life and relationship outside of being their parent. I would look at it as showing your daughter there is more than 1 way to mom.

  36. I game and watch TV and crochet and play with my kid and bake cakes and do laundry and cook dinner. I play or watch TV while she's awake. It teaches her to learn to play by herself. When I first started being a stay at home mom, I felt the same way as you. I thought I was only allowed to clean and cook. And I started getting so stressed out because that meant I never had time to do anything that I wanted to do. My husband has had to instill into my brain that the house doesn't have to be spotless every day and I don't have to cook every day to be a good mother. He and I were raised very differently. So I'm glad that he believes that. And it's taken some work to get to where we are, but he also helps me around the house when he gets off work like with cooking or cleaning out feeding the toddler or bathing her.

  37. My mom was a video game mom! We all grew up playing video games and trust me that is not what our problems ended up being. Having a hobby doesn’t make you a worse parent! In fact I think it’s great that your kids get to see you relax and enjoy your time.

  38. Gamer mom right that also streams onoccasion. My husband and I do the same thing you do. We play after our daughter (15mo) goes to sleep. I don't think that my playing video games or my husband's will give her a video game addiction because we plan to monitor her screen time. My husband is a video game addict (it's all he had to do growing up) and he desperately does not want our child to end up like him. So my advice monitor her screen time and all will be well. Video games come after homework and chores and only for a limited time. And as for you feeling like moms shouldn't be able to have fun on games and should be baking, cleaning, and cooking, those are just left over thoughts from the oppression women go through. What men expect of women. It's gross and for the love of God don't buy into it. You're allowed to have fun on your games.

  39. My wife games with me, her older sister had a gaming YouTube channel that she would go on sometimes (female gamers only channel) and now she just finished the Uncharted Collection and is about to play Last of Us 2. Our daughter is 1y/o but we have a N64 and Nintendo Wii waiting for her when she’s a little older.

  40. Never stop being who you are just because society tells you to be a certain way. If anything, you should be proud of who you are and for being able to be your most authentic self. You should never be ashamed of your interests as long as it is not harming anyone.

  41. Me and my husband are also into video games. I'm pregnant right now, but we're already making a mental list of games we can play with her when she 4-5. All the Lego games have amazing co-op, Viva Piñata is colorful and semi-educatonal and there are SO MANY fun physic puzzle games.

  42. I game with my 5 year old all the time. He was a cluster feeding baby and I had a lot of days trapped in the house/bed with him and my Switch and BOTW was a serious life saver. I love now when he’s stuck he asks me to help not his dad (who probably is the best of us all) because it’s become a thing for us.

  43. Shed those notions of what a mom is 'supposed' to be! I think kids are better served by a happy parent that is authentically themselves than somebody that is miserable trying to be something they are not. Also, I want my kids to be cool humans and I naturally think the coolest humans like stuff that I like.

  44. Gamer mom here, son is 10 and loves gaming! Just have to make sure he knows he has to do his schoolwork before gaming :) (and he always begs me to play games with him or help him with something he can’t figure out!)

  45. Totally get where you're coming from! I've been struggling with the pressure to assume some sort of suburban housewife role and that's not who I want to be or who I even am. That's not to diss anyone who is.

  46. My husband and I both love playing videogames with our kids. He's a game developer and is low-key working on a game design with our 7yo. Bring your kids into the things you're interested in. Like someone else said, gaming is a great way to teach kids to win and lose gracefully.

  47. You're doing great and you should 100% keep your interests because they make you, you. I enjoy playing games, listening to alternative music and I dont enjoy many things stereotypical mums enjoy either, so was a little relieved to see your post! Me and my little girl thrash about to system of a down in the car and i play games in my down time, ive learned to just embrace that i love what i love.

  48. Gamer mom here who is the child of parents who play video games. I have a university degree and a good career. Model healthy behaviour around any hobbies and I don't see an issue.

  49. I’m a gamer, and I have a five year old. She knows that I like video games (if she wanders out of her room late at night, she often finds me locked in combat, haha), and I play games with her sometimes. I just try to set limits. Games are for after other things are done. We don’t play if the room is a disaster and needs tidying. We don’t play when dinner needs to be cooked, or the dog or the cat needs care, or if she needs to choose her show and tell for school the next day. I think people can still be responsible adults AND play video games, so I try to model that for my daughter.

  50. My husband and I are currently playing through, Dark Souls 3. We are both gamers. We play both video games and board games by ourselves, together, with our kids. It is good to have interests.

  51. It's so good. We haven't played the DLCs of DS3 though; might just get back into that. Cannot wait for Elden Ring!!!

  52. I’ve always been into gaming and felt guilty about it when my son was a little baby bc it felt like there was so many other productive ways to spend my time… but now that he’s 5, it’s become our fave thing to do together. I just seek out games that are geared to kids and play with him, and then he tries to play games I like with me.

  53. Mom gamer here. Please push through and challenge those gender norms!! Your daughter will be better for having a mom who pursues her interests and finds joy where she can. Do you also have these concerns about what dad should be doing and how daughter will be affected?

  54. We live just like you with an almost three year old. We play a lot of games, but we don't hide it. We show LO what we are playing (when age appropriate, eg Satisfactory or Sims) and tell her about it.

  55. Wtf, gaming is a hobby and nothing to be ashamed about. I am gamer (dad) and I don't hide it. I just make sure that they can handle things in moderation; no matter if it's gaming, youtube, baking or sleeping.

  56. I’m a mom and have my own Nintendo switch. I’m currently playing legend of Zelda skyward sword lol. My son and daughter play video games too. They’re also honor students :) as long as you empasize gaming comes after homework and other responsibilities you’re good. I show them my gaming doesn’t interfere with cleaning the house, making dinner etc. It’s important for them to see you balance your life so they can emulate your behavior. It doesn’t help them seeing you avoid things you love like you have no control over yourself. Remember, the best you can do for them is show them you’re still an individual with hobbies and know how to have fun. Not some martyr who gives us everything for their families like some women were taught to do. That’s unhealthy

  57. Gamer mom's unite! Lmao. I play games with my kids we bond and they love it. I play paper Mario with my kids. They sit and I read them the dialogue and both my kids (2 and 5) are already starting to identify words. An alert will pop up and they will tell me what it says. We get all our other stuff done before we play and we cut it off about 30 minutes before bedtime and wind down. Honestly some days when they are crazy fussy and we are all stressed out I'll just say who want to play a video game and they both climb on the couch and snuggle up and calm down.

  58. My wife and I met playing games. I went one way with screens and games with my kids I gave up on screen time and just let them have at there iPads at some point my oldest just got bored of it and is now more into art and books my youngest plays with her toys. But they still play Minecraft and roblox my oldest is pretty dam good at smash brothers and can get the idea of Most side scrollers or 3D platform games. Hello neighbor was big for a while with her. They watch more video gameS then play them to be honest. My wife still plays she even the got family (cough )ME a PS5 hid it for 3 months Unno how she did it. We have all the next gen systems and play COD online together on split screen it’s fun to do at night while relaxing

  59. My husband and I have a gaming laptop, playstation, switch, Xbox, and VR that we have acquired over time...

  60. Yep, since the 80s… (old mom..) Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, lately mostly Fallout. Both my daughters also are into games no surprise there (9 and 11 now), and sometimes our day off can be just that, ereyone gaming. I don’t care what people do with their free time, this is my thing and I LOVE it. I do also love baking so there’s time for that too. And I love books too, and scifi and star trek and so on and so on. And the girls do just fine in school, have their stuff they do besides games, younger one loves dance and gymnastics and older one would live at the stables if I could afford that.. Game on gamer moms! (And dads too!) 🎮

  61. I think I’m mid-millennial being 35, but gamer moms are not rare amongst moms I know. All of us were raised on Nintendo and PlayStation and Xbox. Most of my friends were gaming all through our youth, into college and adulthood. I met my husband through gaming and we played MMORPGs together through our children’s babyhood. We found that once they were toddlers, it became much much harder (almost impossible) to keep up with MMOs due to the time sink nature. As I grew older I switched mostly to what I’d call the “cozy gamer” genre. The animal crossings and stardew valley type games. And now that my kids are older, we all game together! My son and I play Pokémon together, my daughter loves playing Mario Party. I’m excited to play MMOs together with them as they get a bit older, maybe in another 3-4 years.

  62. I play video games, I also like to bake, I cross stitch/embroider stuff, love to read, and other random things that make me happy in the moment. My girls see me being the best self I can be, not the person someone else thinks I should be.

  63. Yep, and uh, I’m sorry you’re saddled with a sexist mindset about what’s ok for moms to like. I’m not blaming you, and I really hope you can kick those beliefs, because people are so much more interesting than 50s stereotypes

  64. I’m gamer mom Don’t let the expectations of how our mother Were brought up change what you like this is a new generation I don’t think that we all should be baking cookies every day lol.

  65. Hi! Gamer family here. I’m a mother of two girls: a 8yo and 2yo. We all are gamers. I love games so much that I work as a game developer!

  66. I love this, and reading all the comments! I’m a gamer mom with a 19 month old son, and I have had these same thoughts.

  67. 40 year old gammer mom. Both my son and daughter loved watching me play. I would set an alarm every hour, and we would play one then chores for one back and forth. They both play now too. And still can be respectful and responsible. But I don't play PC games much, so that might making time limits different.

  68. I'm a gamer Mom, and only 1 of my 3 kids loves gaming the way I do. It's so fun to play together and he's even better than me at some games. It's our special bond and I wouldn't trade it for anything! So don't worry. You're more likely to raise a fun little player 2 than a video game addict, especially because you're modeling responsible gaming yourself.

  69. I’m a “gamer mom” and have been since the beginning. My kids are teenagers now, but it has always been a way of connecting with my kids. They love that I game and sometimes even let me game with them.

  70. Gamer dad married to a gamer mom with a gamer kid. My wife and I used to paint figures for our D&D games, and would hit GenCon every year. We painted warhammer figures with Junior when he was little, and I played the munchkin "role-playing" game he created when he was about 10 (talk about long, tedious [edit: parental] labor). He's been gaming since he was able to hold a controller. I used to sit with him in my lap while he "played" Need for Speed, which involved accelerating and not steering. He's graduated to bigger, better games, and can now even hold a controller! In fact, he very well may have killed you in a game online.

  71. My wife plays Portal 2 with the kids (10yo and 8yo). She also goes to board game nights on a regular basis, the kids know that mom is away for gaming.

  72. My son just turned 8 and got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. He’s obsessed with Minecraft and he’s spent the last week and a half teaching me how to play his favorite game - it’s been awesome bonding time! We bake and read and do other things together but playing video games is already one of his favorites.

  73. Ugh no. I am waiting for mine to be olde enough to finish my ffxiv fishing achievement so I can get that diamond rod lol. Jokes aside I met my husband in ffxiv almost 8 years ago.. and we plan to have our daughter joint us when she is older. I can’t wait for her to start playing Pokémon/ animal crossing and other games.

  74. I'm a mom to a 5 year old boy and I'm a pretty hardcore PC gamer. I'm also a teacher and have 2 degrees, working on a third! He sees me play sometimes, but mostly after he's in bed. I let him ask questions and be involved a bit! I think showing balance and variety in life is SO important. Right now he tells me he wants to me a math teacher like me when he grows up :)

  75. I have nothing to add but I’m in the same boat. I feel so guilty at night when my way to unwind is to play League of Legends.

  76. I'm a gamer mother. I actually play video games next to my 4 month baby. I love her, and I will love if she becomes a gamer 😋 I don't like this idea of "motherhood", but I love been my baby's mother, and I know I don't need to change myself because my effort IS enough to support her. I don't need to be the cooking mother, the quiet woman, or anything. I think that applies to you... You are a amazing mother, not because you follow rules (or want to follow), but because you are yourself, and your baby just need that, nothing more.

  77. My husband and I have always been gamers, have a 4 year old and 16 month old. The 4 year old plays ps5 games with us while the 16 month old “plays” along with a dead controller. There is no right way to be a parent, love your family and live your life hon!

  78. I game and bake and all that jazz. It’s moderation In All things and taking the time to be sure the child is learning how to do it all. Also, our little man is almost 5, it’s limiting gaming time and screen time. He plays Minecraft, Stardew valley, and Mario. But just like myself, we have a time limit and must abide by it. When that’s up we make sure to do the other things, like coloring, working on school work, or baking. It’s a juggling act.

  79. HIIII!!! I haven't touched MH in a while and completely missed out on iceborne :( but mine and husband goal is to defeat Fatalis at least once, when we have time to grind again!!

  80. This house too. We’re just going to limit the time spent and make it age appropriate. My OH could game all day so when our baby is bigger we’ll make sure it’s just another activity between playing outside/reading/baking/other games.

  81. Hey my kids have grown up around video games. My babies fell asleep being held while we played games. All 3 of our kids are excellent students, and they grew up playing video games too. They started on ABC Mouse as soon as they took an actual interest in games (like 16-18 months old). All 3 started preK being able to read and write (which their teachers were super surprised about). Their whole lives we have made sure to show that, while gaming is great, real life always comes first.

  82. I never saw my mother doing anything for herself growing up. Everything she did was for the family. All three of her children earned a minimum of a masters degree and are generally doing well in life. I'm just afraid that indulging myself into a hobby such as gaming and not be the '50s housewife' like my mother was when we were growing up might lead to a poorly adjusted kid. It's just a petty fear of the unknown.

  83. I game and listen to metal with my kid. She is 17 months and growls better than some adults I know xD Also loves to rock out and head bang to the music.

  84. I like to bake with my daughter, teach her to cook, etc. but I also have a tattoo that she designed and came to the tattoo shop to pick the colours and watch me get. We listen to metal and my husband plays guitar and games. You’re showing your child that parents are loving and kind and also have their own unique interests. And you’re doing an amazing job!!

  85. I’ve been wanting to get back into the sims and Nancy drew computer games desperately. I even asked for a laptop for Christmas but I got a chromebook and found out I am unable to game on those 😭 honestly video games could give you something to bond over. My 4 year old loves video games! Specifically Mario and sonic. He doesn’t play yet but we watch walk throughs on a few kids channels he likes haha

  86. I grew up playing Nintendo with my Mom, and brothers. My hubby and I bonded over video games. My kids and I play together everyday. Gamer moms are everywhere.

  87. There nothing wrong with it I'm a mum and I love gaming I'm more into like house flipper the Sims my time at Portia..I don't see it as a bad thing like you I only play when my daughter is asleep.

  88. Adding that, if video game addictions or even too much screen time is a concern for you, there are plenty of ways to limit that particular hobby and also get her involved in your other ones. Building Gundams is great for fine motor skill development, and if she’s too little for Gundams, LEGOS or blocks or kiddie robots or other toys can fill that interest and need for you both. Obviously she’s too little for tattoos or piercings, but she isn’t too little to experiment with different art media. You can play instruments together, enroll her in drum or guitar or bass lessons if she shows an interest, teach her practical computer skills in addition to gaming, etc. Your hobbies can actually be good for her development especially when done together.

  89. I play Xbox occasionally but I wasn’t allowed video games as a child so I never really got super into them. My kid likes them though. We set up the Xbox finally in 2020 cuz there was little else to do for a while.

  90. I’m a gamer mom. I’m so happy to see you all out there! I started gaming at 30 yo. I’m now 35 with a 2 yo.

  91. Yes, I'm an older, pc gamer, mom. I chose to raise my kids screen free when they were little because of this. Maybe it's just me, but if I have a hard time playing in moderation and other things do suffer. I tend towards gaming addiction and wanted to spare them from that. I started playing again when they were in school. I do regret a couple of those years because I feel like I was less there for them. They're older now and think it's cool that I'm a gamer mom. They're both gamers now too. I have mixed feelings about that. I am glad I took 8 years off from gaming and able to focus on them. Right now I struggle with balance because they need me less. My daughter still hates if I play too much. I think she remembers me going from super mom all the time to being more checked out when I started again and it upsets her. For the new year I boxed up my computer (again), which I do about once a year. lol. I've only got a few years left with my kids at home. Gaming can wait. I hope. Because of my struggles with balance I do talk to them a lot about being aware of that.

  92. Hello fellow gamer mom! Gaming is my only escape being a single mother and I have been gaming since I was 4 (kinda, it's a long story). My daughter is 3 and I had her start watching and learning how video games work when she was 2. She loves to play Animal Crossing and I feel it is really good for her development. Video games teach hand-mind coordination, how to use electronics, goal orientation, and reading skills. Because of video games, her math skills are a year ahead of her age and she has been asking me to teach her how to read so she can read what her villagers are saying.

  93. Being a PC gaming mom was hard for the first 6 months or so. Had to put my gaming chair in storage to make room for a little bassinet. Had to wait until he became a good sleeper in his own room until I could make time to use my PC. Can't play with a mouse and keyboard while holding a baby like I see people with controllers do. Can only play games after he is in bed for the night now. Have considered getting a switch to use during the day but my 1 year old is fast and sneaky so I know it'll end up a chew toy if I so much as blink too slow while in my son's presence.

  94. This resonates with me in my present state. I'm not a "gamer", but I (36) have loves video games since they came out on Nintendo. I love a good adventure game. Uncharted is my absolute favorite. About a month ago, I actually made a goodbye post on Uncharted subreddit, saying goodbye to my gaming life.

  95. Gamer mom here, also lots of PC games! We have friends who have their 6-year-old play WoW with them. I try to include my daughter in my games if she shows interest. As your kiddo gets older, I would just keep in mind that your job as a parent is to guide and show the world to them. If they show interest, then awesome! Find a way to incorporate them if they want. If not, then keep on gaming if that’s your thing!

  96. My kids are 18, 21, and 23… I played no less than 6 hours a day of video games during their childhood. One is a music scholar. One manages a restaurant. The other a normal drama filled senior in high school. None of them video game addicts. They really are their own little people… as long as you don’t do something like shove it down their throat because you think it’s cute or whatever they’ll be fine mama! Don’t ever change! Don’t lose yourself. Also, good job… the fact that you care says so much!

  97. My kids (6 and 8) and I have really bonded over the past year playing Zelda together. It’s something we all enjoy doing, while other areas are not so unanimously enjoyed. They see me doing other things too of course- cooking, cleaning, reading, working on a puzzle. Why shouldn’t kids play video games, as long as they learn to balance it out? It’s better than watching tv— at least it gets them thinking, problem solving!

  98. My husband and I are both gamers. We like you game mostly when the kids are asleep but do play a bit when they are up(while other parent takes care of kids). My oldest is almost 7 and has absolutely no interest in video games. We have tried getting her into them but she plays for maybe 5 mins and is done. She rather read, color, do some crafts, build legos, play with Barbie’s or do gymnastics. Now my youngest is almost 3 and he loves watching my husband play games and plays with his control(it’s disconnected). So he may be into them when he’s older. Sounds like you turned out fine so I wouldn’t worry. Kids will have their own hobbies and interest they will be fine!

  99. I know you asked about moms, but my dad was a hardcore gamer growing up. Always had the new systems and played WoW everyday. My mom was a gamer too but just with games on Super Nintendo and gameboy. Growing up I had an appreciation of games and I am still a gamer, but I also love to bake, cook, read, draw because my parents and the rest of my family introduced to me those things too. so I would say that as long as your children are introduced to other hobbies to at a young age, I don’t think they’ll have issues with gaming addiction. It sounds like you’re a pretty cool mom and your kid will most likely think that too.

  100. My husband and I are both gamers. I think it is okay for your kid to see you gaming as long as they also see you involved in a balance of other things too. (Basically: don’t model gaming addiction for them.) We love to hike, and go camping, visit with family, play board games, etc too.

  101. As tech continues to develop at an exponential rate, your kid may be better off having an understanding of graphic user interfaces and videogames as it will be a key part of the future of leisure and work. So, I liked playing games with my young son once he was old enough to do so. It became a bonding experience. He talks now (at 8) about wanting to create videogames as a job when he is older. When he is playing too much we intervene but in general it has been positive. He plays online with some real world friends under our supervision which was great during Covid lockdowns. So don’t worry too much about it. Just make sure the messaging is correct. It’s a leisure thing but cannot overtake your life.

  102. I’m a mom. You’re worried over nothing. I started gaming around age seven. My dad is a gamer he introduced me and I graduated graduate school with a 3.89 gpa. I also read a lot as a child and did martial arts as well as game. Grew up on Halo, Doom, might and magic. I’m still a gamer and my husband and I game together. There is a gamer subreddit for gamer mom.

  103. I used to play MarioKart while my son watched. I am always Yoshi so I would ask if he wanted to watch “Dinosaur Racing”. I think some gaming is okay with them. Now he and I play together. Moms can do anything!!! Just show her that you have this cool hobby and you do other things too.

  104. This mom of 2 is a gamer! My hubby turned me into a gamer when we first married. Since then, I accidentally turned our family into a WoW family (back in '07, I think). All of us game, and we occasionally game together. But we all pretty much play the same games, too.

  105. Chiming in to say I am definitely NOT your stereotypical mom! I listen to heavy metal and multiple "emo" bands, have tattoos, piercings and am adding more! My son has My Chemical Romance onesies. (I would be a gamer mom if I had time to learn)

  106. The best thing you can do is be your authentic self so that your children know THEY can be who they are. I love to do traditional “mom stuff” like baking and knitting and sewing. But I also work full time in science and love geeking out about it and I love video games too! My older son is super into Minecraft and absolutely loves it when his dad and I play with him - it’s great bonding time and it also means when he’s having trouble or just wants to talk about a cool mod he found, we know what’s going on.

  107. My wife is a huge gamer mom, we do some game time (animal crossing, Mario kart, and others) with the kid here and there and he loves it. We all do quite time in the afternoons (formerly his nap time) and he knows we play “scary games” that he can play when he’s older. (He often reads or does Educational games like Kahn Academy kids or Skybrary)

  108. I bake. I craft. I read. I cook and clean. I also play video games, and have been playing video games for the entire time I have been a parent. When my youngest was still nursing I would spend entire raids in world of warcraft with a baby on the boob.

  109. Moms can be anything. Thanks to my dad, I got hooked onto video games at 2 with the original NES. I have a 15 yo stepkid (known them since they were 5 though).

  110. Fellow gamer mom here who also loves Overwatch! Also love MMORPGS but don’t have all the time in the world to level up and do all the quests and events, so Overwatch really satisfies my gaming needs in quick matches.

  111. I don’t know. We are a work in progress. I cook and bake but I would rather game. And I don’t mean just video games. I cut back on that when my girls were born because I have an addiction. We do play dnd, board games, and some video games (occasionally) together. I read, but it is sci-fi and fantasy books. I’m raising children who can be themselves.

  112. I'm a gamer mom too! I have a 9 month old little girl. We plan on having her be a gamer like us, but in moderation. We will also do crafts, cooking together, nerf wars, etc.

  113. I mean, mines only 4 but she can't play video games at all. I game in front of her. Often. My nephew was playing smash bros with my brother when he was my daughter's age and he is 20 now and loves video games. Just raise them to understand there is more to life than video games and school should always come first. The games are a reward for a completed task list.

  114. We are gamer parents. Our daughters are doing just fine. They also have become interested in games. Only get 30 minutes a day of TV or games. It has become like something we can share and bond over. Sure our oldest also likes to dress nice and make up and everything. So being a gamer doesn't mean you are giving your kids some negative parenting.

  115. I honestly think you're overthinking what a mum 'should' be. There's nothing wrong with all your hobbies and likes; they're all very common likes and hobbies. My two year olds favorite bands are Alice in chains, the Breeders, the pixies and the b52s. They calm her more than any nursery rhyme can. My older step kids each have a switch and play video games and are still creative, fun and great kids. As another commenter said this stuff is fairly normal amongst older millennial parents (I'm 34 my husband is 36). Im also heavily tattooed (hands and both knuckles included) and never had any issues or negative comments from other parents or kids. It never even dawned on us to hide music or video games from our kids. Heck my kid got a my bloody valentine onesie, an Alice in chains onesie and a cure dress in the last six months! Dont worry honestly just do what feels right and natural to you!

  116. A bit different from your situation: my wife started playing video games with our son. His friends got into Minecraft and wanted to play together online. One of the other parents hosted a server; and she started watching him build a house, then she got out her laptop to "help" him get it all built.

  117. I was saying this the other day — that I sometimes feel like I should be learning to play the guitar or working or whatever instead of gaming. Meh.

  118. I have the mom role in my household since my wife works crazy hours and I am the one who does all the cooking from scratch and to whome the kids run when they fall or want cuddles (not that they don't do it with their mom, but it is just that she is not around as often..)

  119. To ease your mind I have a 14 year old that grew up playing games with me. He is an above average athlete in football (quarterback), basketball, and baseball (pitcher). He also makes A's in most classes except math. His math teacher tried to get him to join honors classes. Not happening since he's in sports. I also have an 11 year old girl that rarely plays video games and doesn't do well in school. She likes to draw and does it in class instead of paying attention.

  120. I love to game and we too have all the devices I have a 10 month old so it’s hard to game at the moment but most nights when he is asleep my partner and I play fortnite with our 9 year old.. we love it

  121. Not a gamer mom, but I have a “non-traditional” career for a female (engineer) and “non-traditional” mom hobbies. So far my kid is only four but he doesn’t seem to have any problems. Engineering has actually been super helpful connecting with him on things he’s interested in. Like yeah I have some traditional mom hobbies like crafting and baking, but I’ve used them to teach engineering principles (my son has learned how to “draft” design ideas for crafts before getting started on building things, for example). I’m sure the same can be done for gaming.

  122. My boyfriend and I game basically every day after our toddler goes to bed. There's nothing wrong with it. It's how we decompress from the day. I, personally, like to slay zombies. I also have the fun of letting my toddler "play" Spyro the Dragon with me (he just does the flaming and it's super fun). I think they just need to understand that our games are low priority. It's an end of the day type thing and not something to do in every waking moment. School, friends, extra curricular, etc. comes first.

  123. Are you me? My husband and I game and still do once our little guy is in bed. On one hand we can’t wait to game with him one day but on the other hand have the same worries as you and feel like I don’t fit into the typical mom category.

  124. Omg I could’ve written this post myself. I also love baking, cooking and arts/crafts (except I’m not very good at crafts) but I’m so looking forward to playing video games and building gundam kits with my kids when they are old enough!

  125. My husband and I both love video games and we have 3 boys 7,3, and 2. Our 7 year old also plays video games too. He has to get any school work done and any chores done before he can play Minecraft or a game with his dad.

  126. We're gamers here too. We keep it to more age appropriate games when they're watching and save the rest for after bedtime.

  127. My kids are gamers and know who Van Halen is same with Nirvana. I'm the mom who plays dark souls, Bloodborne, BioShock, I like the dark hard games. My daughter use to sit in my lap during boss battles.

  128. Gamer dad here but the rules are the same regardless of age, gender or who's the parent. Games are for when chores and work are done. You do not get to game until your responsibility are taken care of. You need to enforce this rule for yourself, your SO and your child(ren).

  129. Moms do all kinds of things. I loathe cooking and make sculpture and do carpentry. We also have a gamer household. Spouse works in the game industry. I wanted to address your concerns about game addiction, which I think are valid, especially for kids. Gaming doesn't seem to be harmful in itself, but it does eat up time that would otherwise be spent doing activities that have very strong positives for development. Reading, playing outside, studying, building, being bored. One theory seeking to explain why girls now outperform boys at almost every academic level all the way up to graduate school is that boys spend considerably more time gaming than girls; girls are still reading books. Folks like my spouse spend hours every day pouring over data to make their game more fun and compelling to players. Spouse and his team members are good at their jobs. So even if they don't set out to make an addictive product, what will be the result of a few years of this effort? The game is really, really, really compelling. An immature brain has frankly no chance of resisting its allure. I did not want to be constantly fighting about time limits, so our rule therefore was no screen amusement for kiddo during the week. Weekends only. It worked really well. We relaxed it for covid so kid could hang out with friends online, but by then kiddo was in high school.

  130. Fellow gamer mom chiming in! If you model healthy gaming behavior, it can be really good for your kids! Does my 6yo see me play Pokémon for 2 hrs on a Saturday afternoon? She sure does! But only AFTER we do that days chores. She also hears me say “Okay, that’s enough gaming for today, time to make dinner!”. So she knows that I don’t just sit around and play the whole day.

  131. 2 mum family here, so we have two to use as examples! I think the VERY important things are 1- how often you play and how it gets in the way of other things, 2- how you are when you are playing 3- the games you are playing and the visibility the child has over those games. If you play all day every day, ignoring the world around you, being insanely angry over it, and your child sees horrible violent games and sees you throwing things around the room then no, don't do that. I actually think there's a risk that a lot of children see parents as people to serve them and only them- some kids don't see their parents as adults with their own hobbies, and it can make kids a bit selfish lol. I play cute games like stardew valley and theme hospital and my wife plays different games, cute games like me, and also fifa, gears of War, gta etc. My daughter rarely sees us playing games, and if she does it's games that are suitable (no shooting games etc.) and she's not messed up yet lol

  132. My husband and I are trying for a little one right now, what’s delayed us for a bit is not wanting to lose our gaming room for our PCs haha I don’t anticipate quitting gaming when I’m a mom at all!

  133. Just wanted to say my husband and I are hardcore gamers. My five-year-old old daughter loves to play Roblox and Minecraft. She's amazing at it too! When your daughter gets a bit bigger, I'd recommend playing Roblox with her, it's so much fun. My boys are two, they just got their first tablets. I can't wait until they can play too! There are a ton of gaming families. We teach our kids moderation though, because we know how easy it can be to get carried away. I just started playing Animal Crossing with her and I cherish the memories we make. You guys rock! Don't ever change. I'm not a typical mom at all, I have tattoos and suck at baking.

  134. Since we are in this thread already, does anyone have suggestions for a good multi-player game for the Switch to play with young kids?

  135. Not a mom, but my wife is. We both game. We play minecraft together with the 6yo. She's(6) got a hand me down laptop to play on.

  136. My son looks at me in absolute awe like, SHOOK when he watched me play video games well. I've never had anyone look at me like that lmao. So.. Do you. I also have a friend who is a single mom who is so into video games and toys that shes the one who introduced me to video games. She's the best mom i have ever met in my entire life.. Do not lose who you are.

  137. Watching my mom play video games was what started my love of them. But I don't see that as a bad thing. Some of my favorite memories from childhood are from us playing games together. Now I have 2 kids and I love video games still! As long as it doesn't consume your life, it's like every other hobby :)

  138. Gamer mom, also. We are a gamer family. My kids and 3 and 4. We encourage and allow them to play age appropriate games. At first I was nervous about it, like ehhhh am I being a bad parent? But if anything I noticed my two boys are now problem solving together like champs. Their ability to share is much better, also.

  139. Girl, moms are just people. We aren't defined by our hobbies and interests just like we aren't fully defined by motherhood. We also are not limited by one hobby; I like to paint and game with my husband when our little guy is asleep. They're not exclusive! Do you! I think the best thing we can give to our children is a healthy curiosity about new experiences, including trying different hobbies just to try.

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