Letting your kids play with cheetah and just trying to ignore the dangers

  1. Cheetahs generally don't attack people often as far as I'm aware. The real sad thing honestly is probably how stressed the cheetah is, they get extreme anxiety, esp in captivity

  2. You’re right they don’t. They don’t attack unless they absolutely have to because their bodies are very fragile. One large wound and they could easily die, so they don’t initiate fights that they aren’t 100% sure they can win without being hurt.

  3. Okay, so my best friend’s uncle worked with Jack Hanna the wild life guy, and he did a show using some animals and brought a cheetah to the show.

  4. For sure. If you wanna get a pet that will play with you, get a dog, cat, ferret, rats...pretty much anything else.

  5. Cheetahs already chronically suffer from anxiety which is why in zoos they usually get a puppy dog friend to chill then out.

  6. Parents are braindead at this point. To let a cheetah in the house (?) with your children , then to let your children near it at all , and to let them play with it and try to get it to pursue them while filming? If you knock on the parents' heads they probably sound hollow.

  7. I wouldn’t even let kids jump over my house cat. One of those kids could easily mistime their jump and knee the poor cheetah in the head.

  8. Poor cat. Cheetas are notoriously anxious animals. You often find dogs in their pens at zoos to comfort them and keep them calm. Now imagine what these antagonistic little jerks are doing to it

  9. Luckily cheetahs usually have no interest in killing humans unless absolutely starving. They’re pretty tame for the most part

  10. Who the FUCK is this stupid? So many things are awful in the video. Jesus Christ people, you have a wild animal as a pet (stupid # 1) and ALLOW YOUR KIDS TO TORMENT IT (stupid #2)??!! The eff is wrong with you?!

  11. Cheetahs don’t usually attack humans and that cheetah is trained and I think the person has a zoo,correct me if I’m wrong bc I saw someone in Snapchat that has a zoo full of animals and he also frees them from their cages or whatever

  12. The cheetah is not stressed out, and is actually playing with the children. Cheetahs are not ambush predators like other big cats (such as lions and leopards), so they flee instead of turn and fight. This is why the cheetah isn't running away from this children or showing any defensive postures (ears tucked back, crouching, hissing, swatting).

  13. I’d like you to go ahead and google “how many children have pet dogs killed” and then go ahead and google “how many children have pet cheetahs killed” and then reflect on what exactly the fuck you are bitching about

  14. If you compare the amount of pet dogs and the amount of pet cheetahs then the statistics do work, cheetahs are not pets and can be incredibly dangerous

  15. Cheetahs are harmless to both adult and young humans but they have a nasty bite even though their harmless and are domesticated in Saudi Arabia they can be dangerous but still they're perfectly safe

  16. I read an interesting study where it claimed that fixed domestic cats were as lethal and prone to attack as wild cats. But that it’s their size that determines the lethality of their behavior.

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