Did polly sleep with her son?

  1. Do people on this sub watch peaky blinders while also playing a game or something? Earlier someone was saying they don't understand season 3 and now you think polly fucked Michael. What's going on?

  2. Jesus christ it ain't southern American states where you would fuck your own family, it was her male prostitute for crying out loud and what goddam hub are you watching cause it ain't the P hub

  3. This is hilarious because I’m new to watching this show, and watched this episode last night while I was higher than a fuckin fruit salad. Saw her hookin up, then I got distracted by my neighbor nearly lighting the entire neighborhood on fire with his fireworks. When I looked back, a guy said “I think she’s my mother” and then Pol dropped her keys. My high ass had to rewind to be sure it was two different lads.

  4. Yeah I thought the same up until now. Always asked me why tf that had to happen but they made it kinda confusing to be fair

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