How to spend Health Spending Account money?

  1. Massages, physio (everyone can use physio, not only when you’re injured), you have eye appts booked, maybe splurge and get some nice sunglasses for driving.

  2. My partner's company allows them to use the money in the HSA for anything that helps them be healthy (emotionally or physically). This includes sports equipment, bikes, gym memberships, etc. They had a bunch in theirs and we used it for camping equipment and to top up coverage on some massages.

  3. I think you may be mixing up a PSA (taxable) versus HSA (non-taxable). Generally things like gym memberships and sports equipment are PSA eligible but not HSA

  4. You are talking about a taxable spending account - this can include just about anything that can be used as a health or PD expense, from gym memberships to golf clubs. Anything spent here is considered a taxable benefit (i.e. you don't pay the full amount but you pay the tax). Camping eqipment would fall under this.

  5. I work in HR (benefits) and we have HSA accounts. It has to be considered an eligible medical expense according to the income tax act to be eligible for the HSA

  6. Depending on what you would have normally allocated this to, it's not necessarily a loss - if you would have been on an insured plan instead that "money" would have been lost regardless unless you completely max out your benefits.

  7. I am not sure why the answer with “massages” and “physio” is being upvoted. It is not an expense eligible as per CRA list.

  8. Depends on the province. In Ontario, they are. The link you posted, if you click on “medical services by medical providers” it will take you to a page that you can see authorized medical providers by province.

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