Have any of you guys found an affordable lactate meter?

  1. 15 years ago there was a meter (lacate pro 1?) that was moderately affordable. Stateside, you've got two choices now AFIAK, plus and scout. Doing this by yourself without contaminating the strips with sweat is a PITA. Your best shot is a trainer set up outside in the cold pricking your earlobe to avoid contamination, but HR changes in the cold, so then there's another test at normal temps to resync HR to power, and then you know the right HR, which, in stable temp, is more corollated to lactate than power.

  2. The Edge is what I use. You can buy it on Amazon for $249. Also need the strips which are about $50 for 25. I use it after every workout but honestly after about 2 weeks of using it you get a good idea of the hr you need to be around for the top of your zone 2. Then you could just test every 3 or 4 workouts to make sure you stay on target.

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