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  1. MrBeast does good things and i like him as a person but i absolutely hate his videos, they're all basically the same things and you can tell the outcome before even watching it and half of the squid game video was scripted. And he always has shitty YouTubers that he shows off (dream and his friends and Karl)

  2. Oh boy I hate to shatter your bright hopes and dreams but have you ever heard about two websites called “twitter” and “tumblr”?

  3. It fascinates me that while being such a popular guy, he actually is genuine and looks at things differently. For instance, he doesn't watch mainstream movies a lot (although he digs in the memes because of the audience) and likes weird and unusual stuff; he's interested in philosophy -- and people I know who are interested in philosophy are truly outsiders xD Yet he somehow manages to be liked by many. It's a very very rare combination. I can relate to him in many things. I'm glad to be alive in the day of the internet -- it gave a chance to introverts. We'd never ever seen him in the mainstream media.

  4. Ken and Markiplier would be better options for this meme. Also, some people have Sean since sometimes I still see those horrible copypaste comments about Sean's dead father, so he has haters.

  5. Mr Beast and Moistcr1tikal. And no I’m not just saying that because they’re my favorite YouTubers. That would just be biased :)

  6. A LOT and I mean A LOT of people hate pewdiepie I know we are his fans but it doesnt deny the fact that outside of this subreddit bubble people hate him with a burning passion

  7. Unhated person does not exist. There would be least one person in the world who would hate even a literal benevolent saint who only saves, helps and uplifts people 24/7/365 just in spite, in contrast or just for lulz.

  8. we all like pewds, but if you think that no one hates him, you gotta get out of the parasocial echo chamber a bit.

  9. No such thing as an undated YouTuber bc if someone is loved, there are bound to be people who hate them just because they're edgelords.

  10. Where’s MrBeast? How could you hate a man doing his best to help the world and his best is leaps and bounds above what most people do, and it’s entertaining. Sure some of them are just challenges, both those help him get money for the bigger projects that help people.

  11. Unfortunately this isn't entirely true. Introduced some friends to filthyfrank and one guy said he wasn't funny and super gross. The nerve of some people.

  12. Excuse me What?? We may not but there’s a World of people who hate them?? Did you forget the whole bridge thing people cling too? They good tubers but Definitely are hated

  13. Add Mrbeast too, 3 of them are unhated. We dont include the stupid asses that tried to cancel them, they're not considered people

  14. Both are most hated lmao, filthy frank has a series of him reviewing people who hate him, pewdiepie still many hate him but has gpne a few years with little tp no controveries so he doesnt get much hate anymore.

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