Bad grade for my PhD

  1. Good news, nobody gives a shit. No seriously, if you find a job in industry leveraging your PhD knowledge not a single soul cares about the level (which I must admit is news to me as most places it's just pass or fail).

  2. I'm in a Ph.D. program in Canada. My dissertation director is from Germany and got her Ph.D. there. There's another professor in my department who also did all of his education in Germany. They were both instrumental in my decision to do a Ph.D., and I have a very good relationship with both.

  3. I'ma German, not doing my PhD there but I've been to some defenses. And I've seen great presentations from very smart people who only got a 2 or 3, and barely average ones finishing with summa cum laude. In the end it's a lot of politics and nobody will care later. Congrats on your doctor, you surely did a great job!

  4. In the UK we don’t get grades it’s either you successfully pass and defend your study against a board of judges. Or you fail. I’m certain if you applied for a job in the UK no one would ask for your PhD grade.

  5. Thé most brilliant thing this industry ever did was make hardworking, intelligent, earnest young people care so deeply about technicalities that they fabricated that absolutely don’t matter.

  6. Great response. We didn't get grades for ours, it was pass/fail. So if someone told me their grade (magna), I'd laugh at you and ask what your title is, because we have the same title.

  7. Like a lot have said here, you still have your PhD. I get that not getting a higher grade sucks. Believe me. I used to put so much pressure on myself to be perfect.

  8. The only good PhD, is a finished PhD. No one knows or cares how you got to the end, as long as you crossed the finish line. If you look at every major figure in your field, picture them as lowly undergrad students and all the mistakes they must have made. I knew of one who refused to let anyone read his PhD research - it was kept in the back of a filing cabinet in his office.

  9. Congratulations on all of your years and hard work and success. You have truly earned it….with that being said; please know the real world will eat you alive if you continue with this mindset. You are now the proverbial Big Dog 🐕 in the room.

  10. Had a quick call with a German colleague, and I think you are misinterpreting Rite as a bad grade. Easy to do that since if you think about it, that's the lowest grade.

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